Thursday, November 19, 2009

a preview of what was a coming attraction

It's random video week here in quirksville.

If you want to play with me, please check back every day this week for a new video.

Today we have my very favorite-of-all-time movie trailer.

You've almost surely seen this before, and have probably seen the movie that accompanies it as well (I haven't, but that's another story). But again, if you ask me, it's definitely worth another viewing.

Sometimes I'll purposely check out videos from the library just because I know that this preview is shown before the movie.

I guess from now on, I'll just click to this post.

Would it surprise you to know that at random moments I sometimes sneak up on Eric and say,

"You have underestimated me and the element of SURPRIAAAH !!!!"

No? Yeah, I thought not.

(When I do that, I laugh hysterically and Eric gives me his patented courtesy laugh. It doesn't deter me in the least. That's 'cause I'm a comic genius.)


deutschlehrer said...

great film. Steve Carroll channels Don Adam's from the original. You should definitely see it.

Victoria said...

Okay, I simply MUST know. Please satisfy my curiosity--why haven't you seen this movie? It's hilarious!

Charlotte said...


Actually, it's not all that much of a story. Eric saw it one weekend when I was gone or something, and told me that I probably wouldn't care for it, so I've never gotten around to it since. However, if both you and Jeff (deutch-guy) think I go for it, I certainly can't ignore that advice now, can I?

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