Saturday, November 07, 2009

. . . and we're back to avocados


"Well, that was before I knew you were making guacamole."

Spoken by our hero a few nights ago as he scooped up some of my freshly made avocado delight. I had really only made enough for one serving, because before I made it, I specifically asked Eric if he was hungry at all. He replied negatively, explaining that he had just eaten dinner. As I saw my (well-balanced) meal disappearing before my eyes, I reminded him of that conversation.


That little exchange was followed by Eric telling me that if I ever decided to throw in the towel on the cooking dinner front and enact an all-avocado-all-the-time family diet, he would "totally be able to go for that."

(Eric has been pressed into service as a hat model for my Etsy shop.
Unfortunately, as much as I love it, this particular photo did not
make the cut.)

Not that I'm complaining. Actually, I kind of like the

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