Thursday, October 15, 2009

small blessings

This morning, as I was picking up the house (post Heather-tornado), I chanced to look out our front window.

We have a bay window in our living room, and perfectly framed in it, a tree. I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but it gives us blossoms in the spring, and some kind of inedible cherry/crab-apple/rose hip/but-not-really-any-of-those-things in the summer, and at this glorious fall time, the leaves turn from a dusky deep green to a vibrant orangey-red.

Of all the colors and "clothing" that our little tree wears, I like her autumn wardrobe the best.

It was four years ago this month that I bought our little town home and moved in*. I remember looking out the front window then and thinking how glad I was to have that beautiful tree in view.

quirky 10-09

I still am.


*Just in case you're wondering, when I bought the town home, Eric and I were only slightly more than acquaintances. We married about 18 months later, and since Eric had been renting an apartment at the time, he just moved in to my home, thus making it ours. All I had to do was push some of my clothes to one-half of the closet, and find room elsewhere for his stereo and television. Heaven!


Jenna Marie said...

Hey Charlotte. I wanted to buy a hat from your Etsy store but wondered if you could make it in a smaller size? You have the three different hats to choose from for the Cotton Candy type hat... it's entitled "One of a Candy Store of Caps". :) Allison just turned 7 months, so I would need around a 6-12 month size... maybe just a 12 month size... but I didn't know if the 12-24 would be too big. Let me know what you think. :) Thanks! :)

Charlotte said...

Hey Jenna,

I'm almost positive that I wrote an answer to your question earlier, but since it's not here, I guess not.


Anyway, I'd be more than happy to make you a hat in a smaller size. I think I'd recommend 6-12 month, but why don't you e-mail me and we can talk specifics (I may even have you measure Allison's head). Heather is 13 months, and I found out last week that she had nearly outgrown her 12-24 month size hat, so I made her a bigger one.

(Heather's an exception to the rule though. She's got the big Corry head (like my dad).

Seriously. At her 1 year check-up, she was in the 99th percentile for head size. Geesh!)

Anyway, my e-mail is I thought I had your e-mail in my address book, but I can't find it anywhere, so I guess not.

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