Tuesday, October 13, 2009



(This is of course after we've donated unheard amounts of money to worthy causes, accounted for the education of our children and grandchildren, and done enough good in the world that I feel justified in being this frivolous.)

I want to buy a yellow volkswagen bug. They are so cute, and completely useless for my needs. They don't carry much in the way of passengers or cargo, and just looking at them, I have a feeling they aren't all that safe. So, I'd have to have another car to meet all my real needs in addition to this toy. That's why this is something that will wait until the far off day when I have money to burn. Won't it be fun though?

I want to buy expensive yarn. I know, how nerdy, huh? I'm a Red Heart girl. It's $2 for 8 oz in my local market. Sometimes I splurge and buy the Caron Super Soft stuff. It's $2.65 for 6 oz. Actually, now, it's called Eco Soft. That's because every skein has over 1/2 of a 2-liter plastic bottle recycled in the mix. So, basically, Heather's baby blanket saved three or four 2-liter bottles from the landfill. Impressive, huh?

So, maybe we're not developing green gasoline like my (brilliant) cousin George Huber, but we're trying to do our part here in Eric & Charlotte-land.

Anyway, back to my frivolity . . .

I was recently approached by a fellow etsy-er. She liked one of the scarves in my shop, and asked me if I would make her one, using her yarn. I agreed. She mailed me the yarn, and over the weekend I started work on her scarf. How fun that has been! Her yarn is mostly 100% wool and much of it is imported from Italy or England. It is quality stuff, and having never worked with nice yarn before, I wasn't prepared for the difference it would make. The scarf is working up beautifully, and I'm really enjoying the feel of the yarn between my fingers.

Now, I'm not enjoying the feel enough to want to spend six to seven (to ten) times more on yarn than I currently do. However, If I had more money than I knew what do to with . . .

Well, you get the idea.

Speaking of nerds (if by "nerd" we mean brilliant, enterprising, and resourceful persons to whom I just might happen to be related), as a special treat, I'm leaving you with a four-minute video of my aforementioned cousin, demonstrating how he takes sawdust and turns it into gasoline. I think it's pretty interesting.

(Of course, that might be because as I watch it, I remember back to the time that George, Janelle, Robert, and I all went to Lagoon together as part of a Willis family reunion, and one of us got sick (I honestly can't remember which one of us it was) and threw up on an unsuspecting crowd while we were all on the sky ride. Fast forward twenty-eight years or so, and George is a biofuel genius, Janelle is a celebrated concert pianist, Robert is a master geotechnical engineer, and yours truly is, well, you've already read about all of my storied accomplishments.)



Anonymous said...

Ah, you and I are two peas in a pod. I think about (in the far, far future) a TT roadster (once again, completly useless for my daily needs) and fabric from the quilt stores (once again 4-to 10 times more than the stuff I currently get)

EmpireStateGreenway said...

For me it's a mini cooper. So cute and useless. And so many other really unimportant things. Of course only after I pay for half a dozen adoptions for good families who can't afford it. :)

Tasha said...

I want a hard top jeep - either red or yellow. And a library with floor to 10' ceiling bookshelves in my library with red walls, black leather sofas, soft lighting and every book in hard cover.

Hi fellow nerd.

karolsvintageart said...

i can't wait to get my beautiful scarf! i didn't realize you were in Utah either. My oldest son lived in SLC for 3 years after graduating from college and his GF still lives there. Small (beautiful) world.

thank you for including a link to my treasures!

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