Friday, October 02, 2009

Captains Log: Stardate 07901

So, a few months ago (like in April and May) Eric and I went through a Cheez-its phase.

Now we're a little bit burned out on them, but at the time, we craved Cheez-its like nothing else, especially the white cheddar kind. (Have you ever had those? Delicious.) Interestingly enough, we were talking about it the other day, and realized that neither of us had ever seen a box of Cheez-its in an actual house before we saw one in our own.


Anyway, for awhile, there was a promotion going where if you would send in a proof of purchase and about $10 or something, the fine makers of Cheez-its would send you your very own . . . .


Thinking it would be the perfect Father's Day gift, I secretly saved the required proof of purchase, and surreptitously sent it in with the money.

Several weeks after Fathers Day, I received a notice that there was more interest in the shirts than had been anticipated, and mine (Eric's) was on back-order.

(At which point I thought to myself, "What were these people thinking? Obviously there would be super-normal interest in something that would appeal so thoroughly to the rapidly increasing population of geekdom, right?")

Anyway, guess what came in the mail this week?

Oh yeah, Father's Day might have come late to Mr. Cantwell this year, but Christmas came early early early.

Eric has taken to referring to himself as The Captain.

As in, "Oh, does Heather want to be picked up by The Captain?"

Or, "Well, The Captain is going to go downstairs and get some cereal now."

Or (my personal favorite)(when I call him on the phone and he can tell that it's me),

"This is The Captain speaking."

You may think I'm kidding, but I am absolutely not.


I'm tempted to figure out a way for us all to go as Star Trek characters for Halloween this year, but have you seen the women in those old episodes of Star Trek? (If not, let me know. We have the entire series on DVD. Surprised?) To be honest, I'm just not sure I could pull something like that off.


Jeri said...

So will you hate me forever if I say you could always go as a Klingon?

This one's not too bad - as you could be THE CAPTAIN'S prisoner or something...

(if I lived closer I'd be borrowing the series. I actually really like star trek...)

corrie said...

OH! I wanted one of those, but I wasn't sure I could get through the cheezits and was a little wary on the quality of the shirt. It looks like a good one though. I've been going as a Star Trek captain on Halloween for a few many years now. Except my shirt was orange (I was a gift and all I had! No shunning.) But Brian went to Vegas on a business trip and went to the Hilton Star Trek Experience thingy and got me a Red shirt! And now I have all sorts of High Priests coming up and offering to lend me their Klingon dictionaries and giving me their extra tri-quarters and stuff. It's awesome.
We've always been cool. Now others are just coming to that realization. Next time I'm just eating the Cheezits if it kills me.
He's a great looking captian.
(And one option...just wear black pants and poof your hair up. OR... Actually, just call me. Heidi has my number.)

Harmony said...

Oh, c'mon Charlotte--try it! And post the pictures for us after Halloween. I'll be looking for them. :-)

Bamamoma said...

Ok, I know this is a post about the Captain, but I just have to say that his little co-captain is SO CUTE! She is getting so old looking and all that hair?! Wow, you two make cute kids and the kind that start off really cute but then still get cuter (some how). Seriously, she is A-dor-able! (and he is a-dork-able).

Oh, and Corrie is being serious. You should call her. She is the woman who knows more about Star Trek and Gettysburg than anyone else I know.

deutschlehrer said...

Go for the full mini skirt and behive hairdoo--No one can mock someone with that much audacity

Julie said...

Nice! I guess the cheese-it shirts are all gone now? Let me know if you hear of any other star trek shirts like this, although I doubt you'll be looking around for another one!

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