Monday, September 07, 2009

Jewels and Memories

Awhile back, I posted about (among other things) this:

"I keep particularly meaningful memories in a little jewel box in my mind. Then, when I need to get out of the dumps, or if I'm just in the mood for a little treat, I'll open the box, and take out one or two. Pretty helpful really."

Today, just for fun, I thought I'd share just the barest details of some of my (less personal) "jewel box" memories. If you find this too boring, or too "you had to be there-y" feel free to skip today's post and check back later.

So, without any further explanation, I give you excerpts from:


When Eric asked me to marry him.
The time my father gave me a great big hug after I tripped during my race at the Utah State Track Meet in 1988.
The time that Heidi told Mark* that the only way she could describe him was by using the phrase "genetically perfect", and Becca laughed so hard that she fell off of our couch.
When I opened the door on the day of my recital to find that Robert had surprised me by coming down from Denver to attend it.
Opening the envelope that contained the news that I'd (finally!) passed the CPA exam.
Walking through Hyde Park in London with my mom, seeing the Peter Pan statue, and the chat we had there.
When I sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" for Mark's Missionary Homecoming.
When Eric reached for my hand as we strolled around Salt Lake City on the day after our first kiss.
The day that Jacob crashed into the wall of the ice skating rink and fell flat down, just like you see in the movies.
The night at the Corry Family Reunion when the fire hazard was so great that we couldn't have campfires, and Robert and Doug amused themselves by each shining a flashlight into the other's face, and seeing who could take it the longest. (The light wasn't the problem, it was the fact that the moths and other insects were attracted to the light, and would land on their faces. Disturbing and hilarious all at the same time.)
The time that I drove up to the Corry Family Reunion (pre-Eric) and as soon as I got out of my truck, my niece Kaylee yelled "Charlotte!" and came bounding across the field as fast as her 5-year old legs could carry her to give me a great big giant hug.
The talk that I had with my sister on the evening after we had both attended the funeral for our cousin (Lance).
Sitting with Eric in Golden Gate Park on our honeymoon, taking turns reading "Z for Zachariah" to each other, and watching a group of people a little way off play hackey sack and smoke marijuana.
Hearing my baby's heart beat inside of me for the very first time.
Driving Heather home from the hospital, how Eric (normally a semi-casual driver) waited for ages and ages at a two-way stop, all because, "Now we have our baby in the car."

There are more, many, many more.

But, I think that's enough for here and now.

*Becca, Mark, Doug, Jacob, and Robert are all my siblings (both in that every one of them is my sibling, AND together they comprise 100% of the siblings I have.)


Harmony said...

Sounds like some beautiful jewels. :-)

Jake said...

Sure everybody else gets these wonderful heartfelt moments in the jewell box. My only hope is that when this is said and done that I get to see the movie of your life so I can watch that ice skating memory as a spectator. I also want to see the moment when Mr genetically perfect and myself hurled toward each other at breakneck speed on a frozen Panguitch Lake.

Charlotte said...

Now Jacob, if you'll read the introduction to the post, you'll notice that I said I was only going to share SOME of the "less personal" memories in the jewel box.

I have at least three heartfelt memories of you in there that I can think of right off the top of my head:

One of them I already alluded to when I wrote Melissa's Musical Madness poem.

Another one was too personal for the "world wide interweb". (but I bet you can figure it out)

Another was seeing you guys and Spencer in the hospital when he was born. I guess I felt that I had enough "baby" stuff written, with all my Heather jewels.



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