Friday, August 28, 2009

Isn't it about . . . time?

As of today, my parents have been married for forty years.

quirky 8-09
I come by my love of yellow naturally, apparently.

In celebration of this auspicious event, last month my siblings and I pulled off a small miracle and completely surprised my generally-very-observant-and-difficult-to-fool parents with an unexpected fancy schmancy dinner and an even more unexpected commemorative book, full of pictures and memories from the past 40 years.

It was wonderful. Really, I'll probably keep that memory with me until I die.

(Do you do that? I keep particularly meaningful memories in a little jewel box in my mind. Then, when I need to get out of the dumps, or if I'm just in the mood for a little treat, I'll open the box, and take out one or two. Pretty helpful really.)

This past week, I was reading an Ensign article entitled, "The Best Marital Advice I Ever Received" (or something like that). One particular piece of advice caught my attention, probably because the night before I had absolutely refused to sit with Eric and watch one of the 50 Classic Horror movies that he so fortunately found on sale last year. (The movies are black and white. Have I ever written here about how I absolutely detest black and white movies?)

The advice was to put the needs and wants of ones spouse ahead of ones own. As I've thought about this as it relates to my parents' marriage, I think, in large part, they've done this. I don't mean to paint my parents as saints or anything, as that wouldn't be fair or even honest. They aren't perfect, and they don't have a perfect marriage (does anyone?). But, in all honesty, I think that when it counts, they each put the needs of the other above their own, and particularly when it comes to that commodity of all commodities . . .



I think I'll try to take a lesson from them.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad.

(Although I have no idea who took the first picture, the second picture was taken by my very talented and very generous Uncle Warren Huber.)


Bamamoma said...

Congrats Bob and Barb! They are good examples. Was the second picture at this year's reunion? Your dad looks great.

deutschlehrer said...

Very nice. I like good writing, and I liked this. Your parents are examples to more than just your family. Something we can all aim for.

Have you noticed how much your mom looks like you in her wedding picture?

Charlotte said...

Yes, the picture was taken around the 24th of July. Not bad for a guy who was a baldy just six months previously, huh? (I love the half-smile. Classic Bob-ism.)

Actually, I've seen the resemblence between my mom and I in other pictures, but until you pointed it out, I hadn't noticed it in this one. So fun. Thanks!

Harmony said...

Beautiful thoughts and fun pictures. Your dad looks good! I like the memory box in your mind idea. What a great coping skill! I think I might have to plagiarize it. :-)

arthrua said...

Wow,amazing!Love does change someone.Glad to see everlasting marriage life.

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