Thursday, July 09, 2009

with apologies to Cleveland and South Bend

We're off to what Eric (rightly) classifies as

"your most favorite weekend of the whole year".


It had better be good. My twenty-year class reunion was last weekend, and time, work, and personal energy constraints dictated that I could only make one trip to Southern Utah in July. So, I ditched out on all those CHS Redmen, once again.

Really though, it should be great, right? Camping with a 10-month old for the first time? What could be more calm, less complicated, and easier than that?


Wish us luck.

p.s. Just because I've put a new post up here, don't think that you can't still give me your television recommendations (see post below). I'm lovin' what you've suggested so far.

1 comment:

Harmony said...

Wouldn't you know that my five-year-old would choose your "most favorite weekend of the whole year" to cut his finger off. (Well, he didn't choose to cut his finger off, and it was just his finger tip, but still!) So we go to the clinic and as the only doc available is sewing my son's finger back together he mentions that Dr. Liddle is out of town at a family reunion. Duh! I knew that! Hope you had a great time! :-)

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