Tuesday, July 07, 2009

present and past

We had a nice July 4th holiday. We spent the evening of the third with as many of Eric's immediate and extended family as possible, and we spent the fourth lazing around, and picnicking with friends. It was nice.

For some reason, I have a tendency on the 4th of July to think back to where I was and what I was doing on that date in prior years. (I do the same thing, to an even greater extent, at Thanksgiving) For the past fourteen or so years, I've gone in to work on the 4th of July. That's because we always open our summer season within the first two weeks of July, and when you're that close to opening, holiday or no holiday, the show must go on.

That's okay though. As it turns out, it's generally a quiet day, and after a few hours, I inevitably find that I've done all that I can do without calling/coordinating with other offices/banks/businesses, all of which are closed. So I leave early. In some ways, it's the best of both worlds. I don't have the stress of trying to plan something super fun to truly celebrate, and yet, I do get a little bit of time to do something fun. Past years have seen me watching parades, going on hikes, attending late-afternoon-movies with friends, as well as visiting with local family.

Three years ago on the fourth of July, my aunt called to tell me that one of my (favorite) cousins* was going to be dropping in there en route home from Bear Lake. So, I went over and visited for a bit. I wasn't able to stay too long though, because I had made a prior arrangement to go up the canyon for a bit with a guy that I'd just started dating. Both aunt and uncle made tactful attempts to get more information out of me about the guy in question, but I was leery of saying too much, and parried them off as best as I could.

Five months later, almost to the day, I showed up at that same home, with the (secret) news that I'd just been ring shopping with that particular guy.

I like to think about that sometimes.

* * *

Getting back to the present, things are good with us. We're gearing up for the Corry reunion, the opening of the opera season, and just life in general. Heather has a tooth coming in, and because of that (I assume), she's been less predictable and a little more volatile lately. It's been a bit of an adventure, but sometimes I like a little adventure, so it's all good.

And that's about all I have for now.

Oh, except for one thing. I'm looking for recommendations. As you'll remember, we don't subscribe to cable or dish or anything, and we don't get television reception without it. So, when I need a little downtime, sometimes I'll pop a DVD into the player. The problem is, I don't generally need (and can't generally spare) two whole hours of downtime, ya know? So, I've been getting television shows from Netflix.

Lately I've been on a Smallville kick, and I'm almost through with Season One. I like the show because it's interesting, and clean. There's a problem though. See, (don't laugh please) watching that many episodes in a row makes my brain think I live in Smallville, and I keep having nightmares about evil meteor-mutated villains coming after me and mine in the night.


So, I think I need a break. Really, I'd like to take a break with a comedy, but I'm a little stuck. Do you know of any television comedies that have been released on DVD that are funny and clean? Will you share?

*extraneous details for (Corry) family members:
Cousin: Julie Liddle
Aunt: Aunt Liz


Tasha said...

Not sure if they are available on DVD or not, but when I want something funny and clean, there is nothing better than MASH or The Cosby Show reruns. We have DVR and I have recorded these - oldies but goodies!

Jeri said...

I'm on the same wave length as Tasha - you have to go "oldies" to find funny and clean. I love Lucy always makes me laugh.

Jeri said...

no funny and light - will probably give you MORE bad dreams - I even had some funky ones, and not necessarily falling into the "virtuous, lovely, and of good report" category, but Tim and I really like the Alias series and the 24 series

Bamamoma said...

the USA Network Psych. Clean, funny, and I think you'd really like the wit in it.

Jake said...

You can't go wrong with "Man vs Wild".

Harmony said...

Not a comedy, but Jeff and I really enjoyed Foyle's War, a BBC police/who-done-it TV series set during WWII. Clean, great writing, great acting--really well done. Wish we could find something else like it to put in our Netflix queue.

Kami Anderson said...

Did you ever watch the Gilmore Girls? If not you should check it out sometime. It was a great show.

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