Friday, July 03, 2009

He's going to think I start these conversations just so I can blog about them. (I don't)

SCENE: The living room*, Charlotte and Eric are kneeling by the couch, prior to saying their evening prayer.

CHARLOTTE (with a mixture of cheek and sentimentality): You know, you are my very best friend.

Eric takes Charlotte's hand and kisses it, saying nothing.

CHARLOTTE (here's where the cheek manifests itself): Now you're supposed to say that I'm your very best friend too.

ERIC (playfully): Oh, is that what I'm supposed to say?

CHARLOTTE (with a smile): Yup.

ERIC (with teasing eyes): Huh.

CHARLOTTE (with mock desperation): You're not going to say it, are you? Why not? What is it? Do you have another best friend? Do you like James** better than me?

ERIC (calmly): Nah.

CHARLOTTE: What about Brian***? Is Brian your best friend?

ERIC: Nope.

CHARLOTTE (with slightly exaggerated drama): Who is it then? Who do you like more than you like me?

ERIC (again with the teasing eyes): No one.

CHARLOTTE (triumphantly): So I AM your best friend, aren't I?

ERIC: Yup.

CHARLOTTE (petulantly): You know, it doesn't really count unless you say the actual words.

ERIC (chuckles): Oh, I have to say the words, do I?

CHARLOTTE (with authority): Yes. Say them.

ERIC (with resignation): Charlotte dear, you are my best friend.

CHARLOTTE (showing a few teasing eyes as well): It doesn't count if I have to tell you to say them.

Eric looks down, silently smiling to himself.

CHARLOTTE (with authority): Okay, now you have to say something else really nice, but it has to come out sounding like it was all your idea, and not that you're saying it just because I want you to say something.

Eric laughs, kisses Charlotte's forehead, and bows his head as if to say, "enough of this silliness, let's pray already".

So we did.

Rhetorical Question:
How many men do you think would put up with a woman like Charlotta the great?

Thankfully, at least one.

*We say our evening prayers in the living room now, if you want to know. That's because once I started running (walking) at 6:30 a.m., my bedtime moved up to be about 90 minutes before Eric's.

**Eric's fellow geek/comic book enthusiast friend

***Eric's cousin

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michellejohnnie said...

This is an awesome post! How fun for him to remember how you hadd to coax him into saying he was your best friend!!!!

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