Monday, June 29, 2009

pretend that they're artsy

Me: Hey Eric! Get the camera!


Eric: Man, you have the worst camera! All these pictures are crap.


Me: I know. Sorry.


Me: Oh, the flash isn't on. Here, let me see it.

Eric (reading with frustration): "Battery depleted."

* * *

I'm trying to get my fingertips all callused up for the Corry Reunion next week. I don't practice the guitar nearly as much as I used to, and between Heather's curiosity and my need to have Eric take pictures whenever her little highness is being particularly adorable, I'm not making a whole lot of headway.

And yet, it's hard to get too upset.


ya know?

On another note--have you participated in the polls yet? They're on the sidebar, and there will be more popping up there from time to time.

I'm not sure why I'm doing them, I guess I just feel a little curious lately.


Harmony said...

Children create the need for (among other things) a good camera--because they never hold still! You have to have one that can capture or freeze the action. On point-and-shoots, putting it on the "children and pets" setting usually helps.

Charlotte said...

Our (my) camera doesn't have a "children and pets" setting, but it does have a picture of a little running man, which I assume is the closest thing to a "children and pets" setting that I'll get.

We (Eric) also have another camera, a larger, more complicated more expensive camera that I haven't taken the time to really get to know yet.

Most of the pictures I take with my camera are good enough for my needs, but I'm kind of a disaster with Eric's. Pretty much all of the pictures Eric takes with his camera are awesome, but he's (obviously) not all that great with mine.

I guess I should be glad that we're well-diversified, huh?

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