Sunday, June 07, 2009

I had to be married for two years to learn this?

Sometimes I think that Eric fits into my family better than I do:

Scene: The walkway between the town homes that Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve live in. Eric, Charlotte, and Heather are headed home after a night on the town (for E&C) and a night of dancing to country music with the assistance of Aunt Donna (for Heather). It should be noted that prior to leaving, Steve and Eric had discussed Steve's latest project, a (rather impressive) re-do of the master bathroom.

Eric (thoughtfully): I wonder where Steve learned to lay tile. Maybe he's worked construction at some point along the way.

Charlotte: Yeah, maybe. Hey, do you know how to lay tile?

Eric (somewhat cautiously): Well, if I needed to, I bet I could find some YouTube tutorials and learn enough to get by. The grouting can be tricky, but I think the rest of it is pretty basic.

Charlotte (with pleasure mixed with humor): And again we see further proof that I've essentially married my father. How nice to have a handy man.

Charlotte: Did you know that my dad pretty much finished the basement of our house by checking out books at the library on home improvement? He built the inside of our cabin the same way.

Eric (modestly) : Well uh, I could probably finish a basement if I had to.

Charlotte thinks to herself, "that's good to know, my dear man, because one of these days you might find yourself doing that very thing. "

* * *

Sometimes, not so much:

Scene: The car, about 10 minutes after the previous conversation. Charlotte and Eric have been talking about family members and which ones are more reserved or shy, and which ones are not so much. It will also be helpful to know that while growing up, Charlotte spent much of her Sundays, Saturdays, and other nights not watching the programs she wanted to watch on television, because she had four brothers and a father who gained great enjoyment from watching whatever (loud) sports event was showing on television at the time.

Eric: Yeah, my dad can pretty much chat about anything. He loves to chat.

Charlotte: Yeah, he's really easy to be around with that way.

Eric: Except for sports. He doesn't really follow sports.

Charlotte (happily, and with relief): You don't either really, right?

Eric (reflectively): Not too much . . . Well, actually when I have cable, I do like to follow a few sports.

Charlotte (with a little bit of panic creeping into her voice): But you don't like to sit for hours watching (thinks: noisy, obnoxious) football or basketball games (thinks: while yelling at the television all the time) do you?

Eric (casually): Nah. I do like the follow the NBA I guess. But the other two sports I like to follow are tennis, and women's pool.

* * *

Women's pool.
Now there's a nail biter for ya.

That's my man.


Bamamoma said...

Women's Pool? Really? Wow.

Laura said...

I don't know about the fitting in part, but I am fairly certain that my family LIKES my husband better than me.
Oh well.
I like him more than me too.

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