Friday, June 12, 2009

a good day

Why I love being a Cantwell in Cache Valley in June:

Today I woke up at 6:30, went running (walking), came home, fed and dressed Heather, fed and dressed myself, helped Eric make our bed, kissed both Eric and Heather goodbye, and drove to my very enjoyable job at the Utah Festival Opera. My commute was six and-a-half-minutes long.

At about 11:15, I was informed that the people who would be performing at "Noon Music at the Tabernacle" that day were people I knew. I put myself in high-gear, so I could be caught up enough with my work that I would be able to attend the concert, and enjoy it relatively-guilt free. At 11:55 I walked out my office door, and within 5 minutes I had walked to the tabernacle, snuck in the back door (which is actually the front door, but that's a different story), and listened to thirty-five minutes of calming peaceful music.


At 1:30 Eric called to check in with me. We spoke of how he had taken Heather with him to an appointment he had attended at the lumberyard, and how she charmed everyone there. (It's always nice for me to hear tales of charming Heather). Also around that time, I realized I hadn't eaten lunch yet, and so I broke out the crackers and cheese, as well as the (sour sour) grapes that I had brought in my insulated lunch sack. Mmmm-mmmm, delicious! (except for the sour sour grapes)

Upon arriving home from work, we received a phone call, stating that the Eagle Scout project that Eric was supposed to be helping with at 6:00 the next morning had been rescheduled (because of forecasted rain) to that evening. After making a few calls, Eric left for a night of planting trees at Bear Lake.

Shortly after that, I loaded Heather up, along with the rag quilt that Kristi (Bell) had made for her, the diaper bag, the umbrella stroller, a winter hat, a jacket, a bottle, and a container full of cheerios, and we drove out to meet Grandpa Cantwell.

Grandpa Cantwell took us up the canyon where we met Grandma Cantwell, and eventually, Eric's brother Greg, Greg's wife Tamara, and their six children. It was Joseph's seventh birthday (also Scott's birthday, but not his 7th) and he had requested a hot dog roast in celebration. It was my first campfire of the year, and Heather's first campfire of her life. There was good food and log sawing, and wild-onion picking, and Happy Birthday singing, and smiles for and from everyone.

Around 8-ish, Grandpa took us back to the house, where I loaded Heather back into the trusty RAV, and we made the trek home. On the way we drove past two people riding horses right on the same (paved) road on which we were driving. A little later we followed a tractor for about three blocks. I listened to this song repeated on CD the whole way home, and felt that all was right with the world.


Bamamoma said...

Man! I am soooo homesick after reading this post. You described everything so vividly. I can smell the campfire and hear the music. I do LOVE summer in Cache Valley (and hate it in 'bama so that makes for a harsh comparison). I'll be there in three weeks though so I'll see you then, maybe we can have a campfire!

Charlotte said...


Just remember--February was so rough here that I had to coerce EVERYONE into playing a game of Musicals with me, just to get my mind off the gray skies and low temperatures.

(If I remember correctly, you had daffodils, right?)

Three weeks! Hooray!

amy greenway said...

JEALOUS! I wanna be a Cantwell in Cache Valley in June too (pout, pout).

Me aside, I'm glad you had a fabulous day!

Bamamoma said...

True, daffodils, but still ...

See you and Cache Valley soon.

Darla said...

Oh how I miss Cache Valley! I wish I could return there to live...even when there's lots of snow, and being so cold it hurts, and winters without sunshine! It is all worth it, when I think of the small-town community atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings. Sounds like a perfect day!

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