Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Experience the Excitement!

A few days ago, I was out for my morning run (which as you know, is really my morning walk-that-I-call-a-run-because-it-makes-me-feel-more-ambitious-than-I-really-am). On the way home, I stopped by a "for sale" sign for one of the townhomes in our complex. There was a flyer with the sign, and just out of curiosity's sake, I looked it over. The pictures were nice, the price looked good, and if we didn't already own a town home that was essentially exactly the same as the one for sale, I might have been tempted to check it out further.

I would have been especially tempted after reading a sentence that was featured prominently on the flyer. It proclaimed:

"Experience the excitement of living in a [name of our complex] townhome!"

Can you believe it? All this time, Eric, Heather, and I have been experiencing the excitement of living in a [name of our complex] townhome!
We didn't even realize it!

So, my dear readers, I've been thinking of you. The fact is, you can't possibly know all this excitement. I mean, you don't live here, do you? (Except for blog-stalking Janalee). Never fear though! I've got your back. Since you can't possibly experience this for yourselves, I've created an exciting little collage of the excitement we've been having around the old homestead lately.


(Oh, and if you can't read the words, just click on the picture for a larger view . . . )


Bamamoma said...

JanaLee is a blog stalker? Does that mean she stalks mine too? Awesome. I was thinking about her yesterday ... or was it this morning ... it has all run together since Eden didn't sleep last night! Ugh. At any rate, I was thinking about our good friend JL. I miss her.

Oh, and I'm glad I got to experience the excitement for four months!

Charlotte said...

JanaLee is a sporadic blog stalker. It's hard to know if she's stalking at the moment though.

Eden didn't sleep last night? Double Ugh.

Kala said...

Charlotte my morning run is called a "WOG". It is part walk and part jog. I think you could call it a jog...when the high schoolers go by they seem to not even notice me. Even your uncle Jeff passes me.;) Oh well, I still try, and isn't that what counts. Have a great day!

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