Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I did today

I just noticed that I've posted something every day this week-so far. To mark such an auspicious event, I've decided to see if I can make it through seven days with seven (quality-ish) posts. That will entail a little bit of posting in advance, since we've got "away-from-the-computer plans" this weekend, so I'm making no promises.

But now, without further explanation, here is today's post:


6:30 wake up, after having a nightmare. Upon realizing that it was just a dream, happily fall back asleep.

Forty minutes later-wake up to the sound of little whimpers from the nursery.

Prayer, followed by three minutes of scripture reading.

Enter Heather's room, saying, "Do I have a little girl in here?" Am rewarded by the smile the makes my world go round.

Put Heather on the day-bed. Adjust crib mattress down one notch.

Lie down next to Little Miss Impatience.


Dress Heather. Change mind about what pants she should wear. Twice.

Enter the bathroom. Heather attempts to wrestle the bathroom scale. Primp/Gussy.

Enter the bedroom. Heather attempts to wrestle her sleeping father. Get dressed.

Goodbye kisses to Eric/daddy.

Downstairs for breakfast. Rice cereal with minuscule banana pieces for Heather, brown sugar instant oatmeal for me.

Leave for the opera company, Heather in tow.

Park in the only empty space, about 50 yards from the front door. Load up Heather (in the car seat), purse, diaper bag, laptop, Bumbo seat, and a few various toys. Start the trek to the front door.

Arrival at the front door. Nothing has been dropped. Mini-celebration by me.

Deposit Heather outside my office, where she spends 10 minutes flirting with Grandpa Deon. Get everything set up for a great day at the opera company.

Heather (still in car seat) is moved to my desk, where she spends about 15 minutes contemplating her teething ring. Answer e-mails and put out one small-ish fire.

Take Heather on a lap around the building prior to her morning nap.

Deposit Heather back in the car seat (this time on the floor), facing away from me. Put "baby sleeping, please do not enter" sign on office door.

Listen to Heather cry for six minutes, then all is quiet.

Work like a madwoman, plowing through paperwork in the peace and quiet. (for about an hour)

Take newly awake Heather to the bathroom for diaper change.

Deliver paychecks to various employees, deposit Heather for a little bit of Cassandra (company manager and resident baby whisperer) time.

Microwave lunch (Michelena's Chicken Alfredo) while Heather and Cassandra are playing. Heather flirts scandalously with Joshua, one of the summer interns.

Eat lunch while watching Heather play (with Cassandra and co.) in the next room.

Collect Heather, return to my office.

Nurse. (blinds are down, door is locked)(obviously)

Heather back in car seat, ready to go to Grandma Cantwell's for the rest of the afternoon.

Deposit Heather at Grandma Cantwell's. Talk about this and that.

Return to Opera Company. Purchase tickets to the Mikado for Beverly and Amy.

Plow through more paperwork, return calls to TIAA-CREF, National Benefit Services, and Zions Bank. Send e-mail to Property Management Company, requesting profit & loss reports. (three-and-a-half-hours pass)

Back-up accounting software file to flash drive, and then to laptop. Change voice mail greeting.

Leave work, come home.

Pick up mail (Netfix came today!).

Start this entry.

Eric comes home with Heather. Put this entry on hold.

Sit with Eric on the couch. Watch Heather try to get into the wipes container (she is unsuccessful). Briefly discuss possible options and goals for the future with Eric.

Eric leaves to chat with James. Take Heather into the kitchen. Cut banana into minuscule pieces, place on Heather's high chair tray.

Make dinner. (quesadillas with chiles and bacon bits, rice cereal for Her Little Highness)

Eat dinner, while feeding Heather.

Eric returns, about thirty minutes earlier than expected. Nice. (James wasn't home)

Clean-up Heather, water tomato plants on back patio. Count the number of wasps that have died in this year's hornet trap (nine).

Place Heather on living room floor to roll around a bit. Chat with Eric about this and that.

Nurse. Watch "Move Over Darling" on DVD (this was not our Netflix selection. Eric picked it up at the library last week).

Try to prevent Monkey Heather from climbing off my lap head-first into the floor.

Let Heather to the floor gently. Discuss perplexion (not a real word) with Eric when Heather cries at achieving her goal.

Get pj's from nursery, and a clean onesie from out of the dryer.

Change Heather into a clean diaper and pj's.

Hand-off to Eric for bedtime story. Continue this entry.

Story over, take Heather up to bed. Sing "It's a Small World After All" and "Suo Gan".

Kiss Heather on top of head, say, "I love you little girl". Leave the nursery.

Listen to Heather cry for three minutes. Then all is quiet.

Finish this entry, leaving laundry on the couch, waiting to be folded.

As days go, this one was pretty good.


Tasha said...

I love, love, love the fact that I am not the only woman in the world to leave clean laundry in her living room waiting to be folded.

Charlotte said...

Well, you'll be even happier when I tell you that that particular load of laundry had been living in the dryer for two and a half days and three nights before it even made it to the couch. It's folded now, but I estimate it will be at least another day or two before it makes it into closets or drawers.

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