Saturday, May 23, 2009

some poetry, finally, written by me, so happily

The Beanie Girls (a few years ago)
Hey-don't judge. It was colder than this picture makes it appear.

Remember Midwinter Musical Madness? As part of the winners package, I promised a non-birthday poetry post. As you may remember, my sister (in-law) Melissa was the big winner. It's been nearly three months since the contest ended, and (I can only assume that) she has been (im)patiently waiting for her poem. But here Melissa, wait no more!

Ode to Melissa
-by Charlotte C. Cantwell

How well I remember that one fateful night,
When Jacob told me of the girl who (turned out to be) Miss Right.

We sat on a truck bed and he spoke of their dates,
I'd hoped against hope that soon they'd be mates.

(even though I didn't particularly want to have yet another younger sibling marry before I did, I (mostly) put away my selfish jealousy as I saw how much more peace Jacob had in his eyes than he had previously exhibited.)

Then a few weeks later, she was my sister-to-be,
And they came up to Logan, and stayed over with me.

That was the beginning of something quite swell
For Jacob of course, but for our whole family as well.

For Melissa fit right in with our family,
Brother Robert began teasing her almost immediately.
(always a good sign)

And as the years have passed by adding four little ones,
I've realized that we had no idea just what exactly we'd won.

For Melissa's a trooper, and easy to love,
And she fits in our family like a hand to a glove.

She's not much for cliches, so as she reads this I fear,
She may cringe at my words, though my meaning is clear.

But just in case it's not quite as clear as I want it to be
I'll just spell it out.
M-E-L-I-S-S-A, (you have to say it fast or it won't work with the rythym) how blessed I am to have thee.

Not to steal Melissa's thunder or anything, but I have to share Eric's response as I read him this poem (about thirty seconds ago)

Eric: Well, okay! That's ah-well . . .
Charlotte: (laughing)
Eric: Yeah, that's got a . . . . (fades off without finishing sentence)

I'd say Eric has a pretty good handle on Thumper's motto, wouldn't you?


Melissa said...

Well I think it gets 5 gold stars as it got me crying. Thank you Char!! I love you too!!

Porters said...

So sweet. Congrats to Melissa, the winner of your heartfelt (and nice) poem.

michellejohnnie said...

I think writing a book of prose should be next on your "to-do" list!!! said...

You simply amaze me. Now a poet, just another one of your many talents. I loved the poem and as always I loved having lunch with you today and the great conversation.


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