Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Let's see, what's been going on here lately?

We celebrated Eric's graduation by going out for Japanese-American sushi, Mexican turnovers, and a little bit of browsing at our local TJ Maxx. Heather celebrated the occasion by spending a few hours being completely spoiled by Donna and Steve.

Sunday we went out to the home of Eric's parents where we were all spoiled by great food, good conversation, and some TV watching. For the first time in ages, I was the one telling Eric that we needed to get going, instead of the other way around. (Generally, Eric has needed to get home so he could get working on one school project or another).

I planted our annual tomato container garden, set up the hornet and wasp traps, and (for the first time since moving here several years ago) bought new ornamental bark for the backyard. It looks okay out there now, but since it's basically a cement pad, we probably won't be spending inordinate amounts of time there until Heather gets a little less wobbly on her tush.

And, last night for Family Home Evening, we listened to this talk by President Eyring, ate rice cereal, chicken wings, toast, & carrots, called Amy to wish her many happy returns, and finished the night off by snuggling on the couch, watching Babe on video. (Heather, having experienced a full day, retired prior to the cuddle-fest.)

Life is good.

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