Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the inner joy of love, and other sillinesses

In my folder of "things to do when I have a little bit of time", I keep a list of things that I could blog about if I want to blog but come up empty, topic-wise. Generally what happens is that I start on a topic on the list, and before I know it, I've gone off on this tangent or that tangent, and walla! (it's really voila, isn't it?) another post out there, cluttering up cyberspace. Handy little list, that.

So, here's my story of the day:

I got my first kiss when I was in the first (or perhaps it was second) grade.

My second kiss came many many many years later, but we won't get into that story just now.

Back to the first kiss, (and the first story), his name was Brad, and he lived on the other side of town from me. Actually, I'm having some difficulty figuring that out, because we went to the same elementary school, and there were three elementary schools in Cedar City at the time, and if he really did live on the other side of town from me, then he wouldn't be going to my school. Huh. I'll have to ask my mom about that one.

Anyway, we used to meet up in the bushes (yes, in the bushes-scandalous, I know) at recess. We would talk there a little bit, but mainly we tried to be quiet, because we both knew that if the other kids knew that we loved each other that they would tease us, and neither of us wanted that. So, mainly we just sat there, on a little bench that for some reason had been placed in the middle of this pack of bushes. We sat there, not saying anything, not doing anything, but just feeling the inner joy of our love.

And then there was that one kiss.

And there was also the time that my mom drove me over to his house (across town, remember?) to play, and he gifted me four red plastic bracelets because I was his girlfriend, and a "Big Mac Attack Pack", because he had an extra one.


* * *

Life is good. Mother's Day was lovely. Eric made us a dinner of eggs supreme (i.e. eggs with avocado, cheese, and dill) and did all the dishes. (Yes, that was our dinner. No, Eric is not a masterful cook. No, I don't mind in the least.) For gifts, he gave me a tripod, which means the next time we take a picture of us dancing while wearing the fancy hot-pink-and-black-shirt, we won't have to position the camera on the edge of the piano. Ole!

After dinner, there were naps all around, and then we loaded Her Little Highness into the stroller and went for a walk. It was lovely.

I think we might have even passed some bushes along the way.

We took no kissing breaks, however.

Sometimes, just having the inner joy of love is enough.

Don't get me wrong though,

kissing is nice too.

And, since I know you're all dying to see it, here's another picture of Enrique the great in his fancy schmancy outfit.

And I think that is quite enough silliness for today.

I remain,

Your Charlotta
(Have you ever wanted to sign a letter that way? Like they did in the olden days? It's kind of fun. You should try it. )


Tasha said...

Sometimes the district will make exceptions and allow kids to attend schools that are closer to mom/dad's work, especially if mom/dad is a teacher at a school that is closer to one elementary.

Or maybe he was just so special that no one cared to follow the rules. In first grade love land, that's probably more the case than the boring logistics of boundaries and employment, right?

deutschlehrer said...

I think everything was just so much bigger back then. Every time I go back to my elementary, I can't believe how much everything has shrunk.

Jake said...

Are you ever going to explain why Eric was wearing the outfit in the picture or am I to assume that you are manufacturing a new brand of shirt and slowly exposing the world to it one picture at a time.

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt in the background. Too cute!! Someone is very talanted to do such small 9-patch squares.

Charlotte said...

Jake--the shirt was modeled in preparation for a costume party that we attended. (the theme was Donny & Marie)

Melissa--Isn't that quilt fun? One of my roommates (Alesha for others who are reading this) sent it to me shortly after Heather was born.

amy greenway said...

EGGS?! Even after I called and gave him a recipe? He's gettin' it from me!

michellejohnnie said...

I love his outfit! What a great man for you!!! I wish he would have wore it for church on your special day.

Mamta said...

Aaah, that 1st kiss, the joy, the happiness and can't get over it feeling. Love this blog as well as that cute funny outfit.

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