Thursday, May 21, 2009


A few weeks ago, I read a post by a different blogger in which she listed out her blogging goals.  That got me thinking about whether or not I have any blogging goals. When I started blogging, it was more on a lark than anything else. Actually, about six months after I started, one of my uncles called me, saying, "I hear you're a blogger." He wanted me to help him get started with a blog, which I would have been (and still would be) happy to do. So far we haven't found the time though. Anyway, the point of even writing about the call was to say that at the time, I considered myself much more of a "person with a blog" and much less of a "blogger".

Now I guess I'm more of a blogger.

Anyway, after thinking about it for a few days, I've come to the conclusion that I do in fact have some blogging goals. Here, in the order that they popped into my brain, are some of them:

  1. Share that which makes me laugh.
  2. Provide a place for my mother and dad to check in on my life and the lives of Eric and Heather.
  3. Provide the same for other relatives and friends who I don't get to see as often as I would like.
  4. Share the gospel of Jesus Christ. (mostly with light-heartedness and hopefully without sanctimoniousness)
  5. Lean toward the quirky in what's written here. (this is kind of the same as #1)
  6. Write with open-ness, and (more importantly) kindness.
  7. Use words that end with "-ness" as often as humanly possible. (I'm killin' me here!)

There are others, but I think that is almost enough for here and now.

There is one last thing though. Ever since I started the blog, I have had a little internal rule. It is this:

If blogging ever stops being something I enjoy and starts being something on my "to do" list
(and thusly, starts to give me stress),
I can close up shop and be done--

for however long I want.

After all, life is too short to allow hobbies to become have-to's.

Ya know?

For those of you who are also bloggers (or people with a blog)--I'm curious.
Do you have blogging goals? Will you share with me what they are?


Tasha said...

First - thrilled that you used sanctimoniousness.

Goals - one is that this is the only form that I have been able to "stay on top of" in terms of updating what is happening with our family. This is a history.

Two, I love that I get to find those second cousins that my dad ranted and raved about being one of the best people he had the chance to know and feel like I get the chance to know them.

Third, I like that it is a low key and fun way to stay in touch period. It is my "fun writing" to just be...well...silly, sarcastic and sentimental (was inspired by your S word - mine aren't quite up to par, but you get the idea)

Harmony said...

I'll have to think about my "blogging goals." Journaling is one of them. But I'm definitely with you--if it starts to be a "to do" list thing, it ceases to be fun.

Anonymous said...

Goal 1 - Journaling.
Every time I blog I copy and paste it in to a Word document. I then add anything personal thoughts that I don't want put on the WWW and WaLa my Journal. I have always been poor at journaling and blogging seems to be making that better. (Although I have to admit, sometimes it feels like a chore but as it is a goal of mine to get better at jounaling, I push through)

Goal 2 - Update family that is far away (although most times I have to remind my mom to check it)

I am sure that is a much longer comment then you were asking for but ah well.

Charlotte said...

Melissa-Long comments are my favorite.

Tasha-Someday you'll have to tell me exactly who this second cousin is. She sounds pretty cool. Is her name "Becca" by chance?

Harm-I can wait for your goals. After all, I've been mulling over mine for a week or so. (but I want to hear them when you have them)

Bamamoma said...

The short answer (and therefore not your favorite) is:
1 - Documentation
2 - Communication
3 - Validation

Now for the long answer:

I too use blogging as a way to record and document my life, my thoughts, pictures, etc. For some reason it is just much easier than writing in a journal, even a word document.

I also use my blog as a way to communicate with friends and family, near and far. It is a great way for them to see pictures and stay current with our lives.

Validation might be a strong word but I couldn't think of another "ation" word that really worked. I use blogging as a way to share my ideas and projects and skills and it is nice to receive positive feedback about those things.

I suppose there is also an element of "escape" and "relaxation" that comes from blogging but those are nice benefits, not really goals and I suppose the validation one borders on benefit rather than goal as well.

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