Friday, April 10, 2009

an update on various and sundry things that have been mentioned here of late

Remember how excited I was to be in fourth place in my brother's March Madness competition?

Yeah, I got killed. I chose Duke to go all the way.


* * *

In better news, my father is two treatments away from being finished with radiation treatments. Hooray! Remember when I wrote that the radiation was more of a "just-in-case" afterthought than anything else? Yeah, that was a little overly optimistic on my part. Radiation, while not as drawn out as chemo, hasn't been all that kind to my dear papa. We're all pretty happy to see those treatments drawing to an end.

* * *

Heather has been adding new foods to her repertoire every 5-7 days. (This is how often our doctor recommended that we wait between new food introductions. Heaven forbid I do anything with this girl that is not strictly in keeping with professional counsel). Now in addition to rice cereal and carrots, she's eating green beans, butternut squash, barley cereal, oat cereal, and little pieces of white bread that I give her on the two evenings per night that find me actually cooking dinner. She gnaws on the bread, which curbs her impatience at being stuck in the chair. Since I made this little discovery, dinnertime has been more pleasant for all of us.

Incidentally, every time I think about the fact that I only cook an average of two nights a week, I just have to wonder what those of us who don't get our food from little jars subsist on for the other five. We generally eat out or get take-out once on the weekends, and we have Sunday dinner with Eric's parents quite frequently. Still, that leaves three other nights primarily unaccounted for. I know we're not fasting.

Of course, now that I think of it, my dinner last night consisted of tortilla chips and guacamole, and I think I remember Eric heating up one of his two specialities (Specialty #1 is ramen noodles, with or without an egg mixed in. Specialty #2 is tomato soup with mozzarella cheese melted into the mix).

Mystery solved.

(Why is it that whenever I post something like I posted
here, I am suddenly seized by a fit of wanting to blog all the time? Weird.)


Tasha said...

It would seem that, in your situation, you would have a myriad of doctors to consult...what will you do when the doctor, dad/grandpa doctor or brother/uncle doctors don't agree? Conference calls? And then you add the book doctors....I have this image of you on your thrown with various doctors at your feet begging for you to follow your advice. Sure, it probably wouldn't happen but I'm guessing you can imagine it too.... :)

Charlotte said...

Oh Tasha, how I like you.

Jake said...

I'll defer to Mark at all times.

Sometimes when Melissa starts to get down on herself for not cooking meals every night I think about what life was like before I got married and I honestly can't remember how I took care of myself or what I ate.

Tonya said...

Radiation can be really rough. We were lucky that hubby didn't have to go through it. I'm glad your dad is about done.

Heather is growing and getting more beautiful each day. You all look so very happy.

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