Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last Thursday was a glorious day. It was the day I climbed up into the attic and retrieved my blessed and beloved Capri's.

The capri's that I didn't get to wear last year because I was too fat (well okay, too pregnant) to fit into them.

The capri's that signal the end of winter and the beginning of summer (we often don't get much of a spring here in Cache Valley).

Some years, the only thing that gets me through January and February is the thought of those capri's and my favorite sandals in the attic, just waiting to be adored and worn.

It's been a little too cold for capri's the last couple of days, but they are now out of the attic and in the closet, just waiting for that glorious day, the day when they will again feel the warmth of natural sunlight upon their cotton/poly blend fibers . . .

So, you can imagine my dismay and disillusionment when, just a few minutes ago, I read here that capri's are totally out, totally unflattering, and anyone who is anyone totally shouldn't wear (or even own) them anymore.


Dang you Tim Gunn! It's one thing for me to know that I'm wearing something that is completely out of fashion AND unflattering, but it is an entirely different thing for me to know that everyone ELSE knows that I'm wearing something that is completely out of fashion and unflattering.

However, I will not submit! My love for my capris is too great! I've waited too long, and loved too ardently.

I will wear them, flattering or no!

I can tell already, it's going to be a character-building summer.


(comic compliments of toothpastefordinner.com)


amy greenway said...

Look dumb? Maybe. Feel great? Yes!!! I say "down with fashion (if it doesn't comply with what I want to wear) and up with comfort and modesty!" Besides anyone who saw my white icky calves would kindly hand me a pair of capris and I would gratefully accept them. So there.

Jeri said...

who is IT that makes up these dumb things? PHOOEY ON THEM!!!! I'm already planning this week to go buy myself a new pair of capris to wear to Disneyland! So there!!! You go right ahead and wear those Capris with flair and pure JOY! We are right there with ya!

(I'll tell you who "it" is - it's the great fashion industry conspiracy. they convince people to give something up , then when they are pretty sure the majority of people have followed their counsel - they re-market the SAME item as the "newest coolest style." We all KNOW that's why the fashions keep cycling through. It's just their way to ensure job security.)

Anonymous said...

I have already worn mine 3 times this year and will continue to wear them with pride. I am okay with not being in fashion, it means I get all the more hand-me-down's from my sisters.

Jake said...

As long as your husband looks dumber than you you're fine. That's why Melissa has worn her 3 times already. Maybe Eric can take some lessons from Dad.

Bamamoma said...

Tim Gunn doesn't live in Alabama - or anywhere else hot - apparently. Capris are the way to go!

michellejohnnie said...

I'm keeping my capris! In Mormonland, capris are a must!

Laura said...

Under the category of way way too much info...I have ugly thighs.
They used to just be big but now theres shhhh. (cellulite).
I pretty much don't wear shorts.
I will be sporting capris always.
I don't care.
I am a fashion dork anyway so I may as well be comfortable.
Who's looking at me anyway? I'm nearly 50.

corrie said...

Sorry about that. What does Mr Gunn know about non-Manhattan-ites? We can't nor do we want to wear heels and little dresses everyday. I am wearing the beloved ring bearing capris right now.
So what if it makes my short legs look shorter! No one is looking at my legs anyhow. What with such a sparkling personality, no one will even notice my new unexpectedly shorter than anticipated haircut either. hopefully.

Jenna Marie said...

I Loveth my capris!! I would never give them up no matter what anyone says! :)

Tonya said...

He's just jealous because he can't wear them. Fashion shmashion, I love me some capris.

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