Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gems from Eric

"Now this is what I like! You enjoying a movie, and me having a good time making fun of it. It's perfect!"

Spoken on Saturday evening while we were watching/listening to "Andrew Lloyd Weber: The Royal Albert Hall Celebration" on DVD (me on the couch, him at the computer).

"Sometimes I just have to restrain myself from kissing Heather as much as I want to."

When asked why, Eric responded with the explanation that Heather's uncommon beauty was certain to get her an over-ample supply of attention from the public at large, and he didn't want to run the risk of spoiling her by indulging in too many kisses (yeah, we're completely biased parents). I told him that I didn't think a girl could get too many kisses from her father.

He didn't agree with me (verbally at least), but I've noticed a distinct increase in the number of father-daughter kisses since then.

And that's what I have for ya'll today. We're good. All is well. I have nothing more to report at the moment.


Bamamoma said...

She IS beautiful! I must say though that he looks to be enjoying that snuggle more than she does. She looks a little nervous. Like maybe she is thinking, "oh no, is this spoiling me?"

amy greenway said...

Eric, Lay 'em on thick! Every girl needs all the love she can get from her dad. Aren't you glad our dad never decided that he should quit dancing cheek to cheek with every baby in our family. Dad's are the best!

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