Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Fourteenth


Yup, there's a little lock of hair flying in my face. Also, Eric's hair appears to be much thinner than it actually is. What can I say? It was windy and extra sunny that day. Isn't it fun how my bridal veil though seems to float behind us though? I guess the breeze wasn't all bad.


This picture makes us both look pudgy-er than we are in real life. Especially me.

In two years.

Two years that simultaneously feel like they occured in the blink of an eye, AND feel like they have been the only way of life that I've ever known.

Cake For Everyone!!!

(just kidding)

(kidding about the cake, not the two years)

(Is it strange that I felt the need to make explanatory comments about the two fairly decent pictures on this post, and said nothing about the absolutely wack-o one that finishes it all off? Yeah. I have no explanation for that.)


Bamamoma said...

Congratulations! As we drove to B'ham this morning (at 4:30!) I thought of you and your Eric and the fabulous two years you've had and the eternity ahead. Then I smiled.

Tonya said...

I know that feeling of having a child and then wondering what in the world life was like before they came. Congrats on your two years!!

michellejohnnie said...

I have pictures like that too! Funny how marriage and kids does that to a person!

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