Wednesday, April 15, 2009

accountant (and mom) by day, blog design GENIUS (and mom) by night

Do you like my new header?*

I made it all by myself, using this picture, and this free software.

Someday I'll ask my brilliant graphic designer husband to make me a really cool and unique blog header. After that, every time I go to my blog I'll feel all shivery and happy inside. It shouldn't be hard to do right? I mean, the word "quirky-ness", which actually isn't even a word, just screams "unique and cool", right?

For now though, Enrique is a little on the "hanging-on-by-the-skin-of-his-teeth" side. He's got less than two weeks to do about a million projects so that he can graduate from this fine institution.

After that, he'll be occupied with the building of an amazing state-of-the-art website for this fine business.

So, for a bit, it appears that I'm left to my own web-designing devices.

Lucky You.

*(If you don't like the new header, don't say so, okay?)


Jeri said...

I am impressed! (don't get too heady, as this is coming from the gal who has NEVER changed her basic blog outline/design since the day of it's inception.) Anyhoo...I think ya "done good."
The only thing I think I might add would be a nice yummy drizzle of CHOCOLATE!!! (which I don't even know if it's possible to do, but maybe sir-graduated-genius can add it once his life is less "hanging on by his teeth"...)

Tonya said...

Looks great!

amy greenway said...

Love it! I'm very impressed.

Kami Anderson said...

I love your new header. You are so talented in very many different ways!!

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