Saturday, March 07, 2009

Licorice! Licorice! Black sweet black sweet black sweet licorice! Have some!

Look here.
Things here will be back to general quirky-ness levels soon.


Melissa said...

Amal and the Night Visitors

Melissa said...

That is all I know about this one as I have never seen this particular musical but I have heard this particular line sung for the last 8 years quite frequently

Jake said...

Sung by the Black wiseman (I'd say African American but he wasn't really an American was he).

Other songs include (in high pitched voice) Mother, mother, mother come and see I want you to see what I see. What is the matter with you now what is all this fuss about.

I notice that you forgot the last word of the licorice phrase. Today!

Charlotte said...

2 points to Melissa.

As for Jake-one point for the character, one point for the other song, and one point for the last word of the phrase. 3 points total.

There are still two points to be claimed for knowing the name of the song.

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