Thursday, March 12, 2009

Imagine Olympic Theme Music Here


IT'S ME!!!

Well, I think so, anyway. I had sooo much fun during the last three weeks. What a fabulous way to spend what otherwise could have been a very dreary time period. Thank you, thank you, thank you for indulging me and playing my silly game.

And, now for the real winners . . .

  • Entering late in the race, and ending in a dead heat for tenth place, we have my little brother Doug, and my dear friend Harmony. (The crowd goes wild!)

  • Showing an abnormal amount honesty, cleaning up in the "Amahl and the Night Visitors" category, and landing in ninth place, we have another little brother of mine, Jake. (Hooray!)

  • In eighth place, demonstrating a unique talent for making up rules as we go along (rivaled in said talent only by yours truly), we have my recently re-discovered cousin, Tasha. (Huzzah!)

  • Scoring the first points of the game, and maintaining a solid standing in seventh place, all while keeping track of the most energetic little boy I've ever seen (and I'm not kidding, either. This kid makes the Tasmanian Devil look like an unconscious snail), we have Eric's favorite sister (and my favorite of Eric's sisters), Amy. (Wahoo!)

  • Accomplishing the difficult feat of maintaining a high standing while not using one minute of her Saturday in the Lightening Round, we have in sixth place, my friend and fellow Twilight at the dollar-theatre buddy, Angie. (Yippee!)

  • Breaking into the top five, a proud aunt of a budding musical theatre star herself, we have the reason that I now carry a McDonalds gift card in my purse, Laura. (Zippedy-doo-dah!)

  • Bursting on the scene out of nowhere, showing exceptional prowess in the recently-produced-musicals category, we have my adorable cousin, Rebecca. (Ya-hoo!)(can you tell I'm running out of exclamations?)

  • Achieving our second tie in the contest, two of our most faithful players, and probably not coincidentally, two of my "I-feel-so-close-to-them-that-I-almost-consider-them-sisters" friends, we have in second place, Jeri and Heidi. (the crowd goes extra extra wild!)

And finally, our winner . . . the magician of musicals, the savant of song, the BEST OF ALL THE GAME, we have . . .

drum roll . . .

Jake's wife (which would make her my sister-in-law), and one of the best examples of having "Joy in the Journey" that I know . . .


(The crowd goes so wild that security starts to wonder if they're going to have a situation on their hands. )

This post is already long enough and silly enough, and I'm tapped out from trying to think of so many exclamations, so I don't have the Melissa poem ready to post right now. Never fear though. It's a coming.

And now--on to Spring! Sure, there's about a foot of snow outside my door, and the temperature this morning was 11 freaking degrees. But, nevertheless--on to Spring we go!

Melissa-you already have a copy of the illustrious CD, but if you'd like another one for any reason, you know it's all yours. Heck, you can have five or six if you want them.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I already have a CD, so you may think I was playing for the sheer joy of winning (it was joyful). In actuality I told my mom I would have you send her my winning CD if I won so do you think you could get here one? She's always wanted a CD and I have always forgotten to ask for one.

Jake said...

Melissa was so frustrated when she got online on Friday and had already missed the first two posts. She was worried she might not be able to get her mother CD, but I knew better. It rained all day here so what else is an almost 9 month pregnant woman to do than sit at the computer and wait for a day of hourly posts? I hope you know this will only encourage her to expand her already too large collection of broadway CDs.

My own personal disappointment at losing out on the elite eight by half a measly point is only surpassed by my joy at beating all of my siblings even after enduring Doug's smack.

Charlotte said...

Of course! I should have offered one years ago. E-mail me their address, will you? I know I have it in a wedding address file somewhere, but I'm pretty sure you can just type it up out of your head.

Tasha said...

Those genetics sure come through with flying colors, don't they? That truly is the only explanation for my amazing rule making up prowess.

Laura said...

Cool to have my name listed in a WINNERS LINE-UP.
(I need to purchase a few McD's cards myself...)

Ryan + Angie said...

I was in the car headed to Portland so I totally missed the lightning round (though I have to admit I only knew one or two anyway) so I'm glad I still made it on the runners up list! Thanks for the fun game.

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