Thursday, March 05, 2009

faaay-ces, take your turn,take a ride on the merry-go-round

I'm on Facebook. I held out for at least 3 months, maybe more, and then sometime last fall, I joined. I like it for what it is, for the moment at least. I enjoy knowing little snippets about the lives of my friends and especially those acquaintances that I've lost touch with. It's fun to see who ended up where, doing what, and how. I'm not spending time there every day or anything, but what time I do spend there, I enjoy.

Eric, not so much. There's an old high school classmate of his who has left voice messages on our answering machine two different times, encouraging Eric to get on Facebook and reconnect with all his old cohorts from the past. I just don't see it happening. Neither does he.

What is it that they say about opposites attracting?

I think that's enough for today. I leave you with a picture that I lifted from my cousin's blog. It makes me laugh, and pretty applicable to the magnitude of what I have to say at the moment.


10 points for the name of the song.
5 points for the name of the musical.
3 points if you can name the place where I saw this musical live for the first (and only) time.
3 points if you can name the members of my family who saw this musical on their honeymoon.
other points given for creativity in the comment section.

See y'all Saturday--I've got most of the posts for the "Lightning Round" written and scheduled for publication even as we speak.

(And you thought I was going to spend the first Saturday of March sitting at a computer all day. See how I am?)


Tasha said...
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Tasha said...

Yea - don't know. If it weren't for my uncanny ability to make up rules to your game and my mad persuasive skills I wouldn't even be on the board.

Jeri said...

Come on...someone has to give the name of the song and show - so that I can jump in and say where you first saw it live (and with whom...)

(I wasn't sure of the song; I thought I might know it, but wasn't sure so I googled it. (I was wrong, then felt dumb for not recognizing it.) anyway - I'm just hanging around hoping that someone knows the song and show but does not know the place... after all - THAT wouldn't been cheating. it's not like I could google THAT part of the answer, right?

Charlotte said...

All right--2 points to Tasha for self-awareness, and 3 points to Jeri, 'cause she obviously knows where I saw it live. (In San Francisco, on a trip that she put together--many years, three husbands, and nine kids ago)(There were three of us-hence the three husbands and plethora of kids.)

I can't believe it. Five points already, and the big questions haven't even been answered yet. I'm lovin' this game!

Jake said...

Phantom of the Opera
Mark and Krista
Extra points for knowing that you helped me buy tickets for my second anniversary when they came to Salt Lake.

I'm a genius and now I'm soaring up the list.

You may think I googled the answer, but actually I asked Melissa and told her I was going to put it under her name. She'll never trust me again.

Please give all these points to her (even the part about the anniversary as she reminded me about that as well).

Alone in last.

Jeri said...

THANK YOU - oh generous giver of the points...
(and I think you should combine Jake and Melissa - after all "they twain shall be one" ... if it's good enough for God, I'd think it's good enough for the game..." (just my two cents...))

Or keep them separate and give Jake a couple points for honesty...

Charlotte said...


It wasn't Mark & Krista. (I had to call them to make sure that they didn't do it as well. They didn't. They went to San Diego, where it wasn't playing).

So, you (Melissa) get(s) fifteen points for the song and musical, and three points for the anniversary thing.

I'll give you (Jake) 3 points for honesty, since I have a feeling that that "sharing" a win with Melissa would feel (to you) something like the blog equivalent of a courtesy clap.

She who makes the rules
(All this power is starting to go to my head. It's a good thing we're ending the game soon.)

Bamamoma said...

Robert and Shalice. That is my answer and I'm sticking to it.

Jake said...

How about Doug and Maegan?

Charlotte said...

Three points to Heidi!

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