Sunday, March 22, 2009

an essential characteristic

"Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose. "
(The Proclamation on the Family, 2nd paragraph)

Did you notice that I got all excited about writing about the Proclamation on the Family, wrote three posts, and then all Proclamation posts here came to an abrupt halt? You probably didn't, but that's essentially what happened.

In fact, for well over a month now, I've been trying to determine how I wanted to write about this sentence in the Proclamation. I've started writing this post several times. I've prayed about what I should say. I've discussed it with a few others. This is a potentially sensitive topic, and I'm hesitant to discuss potentially sensitive topics in situations where my words can be read or heard (or misunderstood) as broadly as could possibly be the case here.

The whole prospect has been a little bit stressful to me. So stressful that several times over the past month I've seriously considered just skipping this sentence and moving on to some of the other parts of the document, parts that aren't so controversial.

However, I've determined not to skip anything, primarily because one of the aspects of the Proclamation that I like most is that it is bold, direct, and courageously clear in meaning. In times like these; as the family endures attacks from all sides; if I am to defend the family, I also need to be bold, direct, and courageous. Sometimes, I may even have to discuss a potentially sensitive topic in a potentially public forum.

And there you have it.

Now, with that long explanation, I have the following short statement:

You know the sentence that starts this post? The one that says that gender is an essential characteristic of our identity, that it always has been, and that it always will be?

I believe that sentence.
I believe it with all my heart.


Jake said...

I've always thought it interesting that the statement includes the word gender instead of sex. It's interesting in that there is a common thought in the world that one's gender does not always agree with one's sex (I'm not sure I agree with that view except in medical cases). On that line there are some disorders where one's external characteristics do no match the genotype (ie; xy with female characteristics) though these are very few and far between regardless of what the TV shows say.

Harmony said...

I'm not sure anyone would have noticed if you had skipped that sentence, but good for you for being bold, direct, and courageous!

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