Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Password Protection (?)

At least once a year, I go through and change all the passwords to all my online accounts. It's a pain, to say the least, but it keeps me more safe, and so it's worth it to me. Yesterday was the day. I decided on new passwords, and began the process of changing them. It's a lot of work, made a bit more arduous by the fact that passwords nowadays are M0rrE c*mplic8tED than they used to be. No longer can I type in my old trademark fake middle name of Julien and feel safe knowing that my secrets are secure. Nay, now I need to make up impossible-to-figure-out passwords, (which also tend to be nearly-impossible-to-remember passwords), and spend the next week or two in semi-frustration as my fingers go automatically to the old passwords even as my brain scrambles to recall the new ones. Sigh. Technology--I love it, really I do. Just maybe not today.

On another note, I may be blogging a little less often in the future (but I've said that before, so we'll see). The thing is, I have a journal. I used to write in it each week, pretty much without fail. Then I got married and journal-writing fell down the priority list somewhat. Then I got pregnant and journal-writing fell down the list a little more. Then Heather was born and . . . well, you get the picture.

The thing is, as much as I like blogging, there are things that happen in my life that I do want to remember but don't want to share with the world. There are things that I want to share with my posterity, but that I don't want known just yet (oooh-doesn't that sound mysterious). And then there are things that are just too boring to post here, things that are important to me, but not so much to the blog-reading population at large.

Those topics have been sadly neglected for the past little while, and I've decided that it's not okay with me. So, I've made a goal. The goal is that for every two posts that I write here, I will write one entry in my regular journal. I don't know if I'll be able to keep the goal perfectly, but I'll try for it.

And that pretty much wraps things up for me at the moment. As for the rest of the clan, Eric is teaching himself how to use Maya when he's not working on homework projects, and Heather is teaching herself how to roll over when she isn't consumed by those ultra-fascinating fingers at the ends of her arms.

Life is good, and once I get those new Pa$swO0rDz ingrained in my mind, I'm thinkin' that it's going to get even better.


Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

I used to have a journal, a real one that involved me writing with a real pen. Wow. Back in the day.

I know what you mean about that kind of writing. There IS something mysterious and somewhat sacred about it.

I often long for an anonymous blog in which I could really let it all out. But I'm too scared someone would discover it.

My real journal was discovered and read by someone years ago, and I never quite recovered. I felt so violated.

Good for you for keeping one. Find a good hiding spot! :)

BTW, I love your pics on the slide! Gorgeous family!

EmpireStateGreenway said...

You're lucky I have to change all my passwords every 90 days. Needless to say I spend alot of time with Tech support every three months.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Hey girly, do what I do. I print up all my posts once a month, put them in a binder and that's my journal. My kids will have a record of the things I did and most enjoyed or the struggles I went through. With pictures even!

Then you can do both! Good luck and don't stop writing!

✩Molly✩ said...

I love that stitchwork next to the baby! I want to make one now! I like your blog, hope you dont mind that i linked over from the make it love it blog. :)

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