Friday, February 27, 2009

More I cannot wish you

Heather has been upstairs, taking the longest nap known to man, and I thought I'd take a minute to post a thing or two here. However, I can hear her talking to herself on the monitor, which means two things. 1)She's awake. 2)I probably have about 10 minutes before she gets bored of listening to herself talk and starts whining. Once that happens, I have about 2 minutes before the whining turns to whimpering, and then about 15 seconds before the whimpering turns to angry impatient yells. So, this may be a short one.

Not that I'm ruled by my daughter or anything.

This was a week of good news. My father has endured what should be his last chemotherapy treatment, met with his oncologist, and has been told that things look really good. He still has a few weeks of radiation to go, but that's more of a "just-in-case" afterthought than anything else. To say that I'm grateful doesn't even come close.

As I've pondered on this bit of good news, I've remembered something that happened around Christmastime. We were at my parent's home, and in what had become a rare occurrence*, the house was full of grandkids. I think it was the morning of December 26. It was around 10 o'clock in the morning, and the house looked like a tornado hit it. Toys were strewn from wall to wall. Half-empty cereal bowls, partially-drunk cups of milk, and assorted other breakfast remains littered the kitchen bar. The rooms rang with the cacophonous sounds of children-laughing, crying, whining (just a bit), giggling, running, and just being kids in general. Pajamas (belonging to those who were now dressed) and day clothing (belonging to those who still weren't) sat in little piles throughout the rooms.

As I looked around at what two days ago had been my mother's spotless house, I opened my mouth to apologize, and perhaps even offer to help a bit with some clean-up. Oddly enough (and luckily for lazy old me), at just that moment, my mother opened her mouth, and with a tone that rang with satisfaction, she said,

"It FINALLY feels like Christmas here."

The house was waaay messier than this.

In a week or so, Eric, Heather, and I are headed down to the old homestead for some spring break relaxation. My sister and her family will be joining us, and then of course, there's my brother and his family who live down there all the time. As luck would have it, we'll arrive on my mom's birthday (and four days after my dad's birthday). As I've pondered this and tried to think of a gift that she would appreciate, and that would fit into our new-economy-budget, I've realized that anything we get her would probably be superfluous.

Having a healthy husband and a houseful of noisy, messy grandkids again is probably the best present she will have received in years.

Happy Birthday Mom (& Dad).

*Once my father was diagnosed with lymphoma, he was essentially barred from spending very much time in close contact with young children, including his grandchildren (in order to protect his fragile immune system). This was hard for everyone, but, as I found out on this occasion, it was especially hard on my mother.

* * *

10 points for the name of the musical

5 points each for the name of the character who sings this song, and the character he/she sings it to

3 points each for any other bits of information tying this musical and my life together.


Laura said...

Guys and Dolls
Arvide (sp?) sings it to Sarah.
My brother played that part and my aunt (who everyone says I am like)cried through the entire performance.
I didn't know your father was ill. I have been very self absorbed with my own father.
Prayers for healing.

Jeri said...

how about 3 points for saying that your dad is one truly amazing GUY, you married a great GUY, and your little Heather is a total DOLL! (couldn't hurt to try... and by the way, it's true whether or not I get the points.)

Tasha said...

Yea - don't know anything about that one but just wanted to comment to say that I am so happy that things are looking better for your dad. I had to go to the doctor this last week and after the receptionist said your dad wasn't currently seeing patients, she asked, "is there someone else you would like to see?"

Your dad has been my families doctor since my grandparents health started to decline. I had nothing to say and went to whoever had a opening. I'm sure it pales in comparison, but I am so happy that he is turning this corner.

Charlotte said...

Thanks to you all, and Congratulations to Laura for getting on the board, and to Jeri for lengthening her lead on the competition.

I had NO IDEA I would enjoy this game so much.

(For anyone else who has read this far in the comments, there are still several bits of info that tie me and aspects of this musical together. Just FYI)

Jake said...

I'm betting you were in this particular play in high school.

If that's wrong you should give me a point just for playing.

Charlotte said...

Jake-I award you 3 points for this correct "bet", and 2 points for finally deciding to play.



I love reading your posts! I'm glad to hear your dad is doing good! We'll continue to keep thinking of him and your family! I love that picture you have of Heather on this post! She's a doll!

Jake said...

As I assume the point totals are reset when the playoffs begin and I'm sure you are planning to take the top 6 participants into the playoffs, I'm in pretty good shape. Just gotta get another point and a half to pull into a tiebreaker for the final playoff spot. I think your next blog will be something from Rent or Newsies, and if so watch out for Jake.

Charlotte said...

You overestimate me. Honestly, what kind of post could YOU come up with to go with a a title like "five-hundred twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred minutes?"

Tough stuff.

Tasha said...

This definitely has to be the title of your post when Heather turns one....I think you could work it in with a mastercard commercial too - number of hours of sleep lost _____; number of dollars spent on diapers ______; etc. You get the idea. I think I should get points for suggesting how to use the title :)

Charlotte said...

I agree. Two points to Tasha.

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