Monday, February 16, 2009

a lark! a spree! It's very clear to see . . .

When I was growing up, anytime I would walk anywhere alone, and often when I walked with others, I would (silently) count the number of steps I would take between the cracks/dividers in the sidewalk. I obviously tried to miss all the cracks (who wants to break their mother's back anyway?), but I also would try to get exactly the same number of steps in each open spot. This proved to be a little tricky when I would run into a panel containing several cracks. I was almost always triumphant though. That's 'cause I'm a stubborn little sucker.

Now that I'm grown up and have a drivers' license, whenever I get caught in construction traffic or any other kind of traffic slowdown on the freeway, I look over to my right and then to my left and choose a vehicle near me. I mentally challenge that driver to a duel--a duel of driving wits! From then on, I try to be in front of that car. Sometimes I'll do a lane change, if I think it will help me. Sometimes, I will use my mental powers to get other cars to pull in front of my worthy opponent. Sometimes I win. At least as often, I lose. But man, does it pass the time! Traffic jams become fun! These days I tremble in happy anticipation whenever I see the previously-dreaded orange construction signs! "Yippee!!" I say to myself, "It's game time again!" "Tremble in fear, motorists! You have met your match in the great Charlotta!"

Today is February 16. Valentines Day is over. My birthday is nearly a whole month away. It's cold outside. It's cloudy, it's frozen, it's snowy. The warm glow of Christmas is a distant memory, the promise of spring is a hazy hope for the future. Amigos, we have entered what is quite possibly my least favorite three week period of the entire year. It's time for a little bit of playing.

Have you noticed that the titles of the last two (now three) posts here have been lyrics of songs? They have been. That was a coincidence, but I'm going to work it into a little game for us to play. For the next three weeks, I am going to use all my considerable song-trivia-talent, and attempt to title every post here* using nothing but song lyrics, and when possible, song lyrics from musical theatre productions. You, should you choose to be one of my worthy opponents, will match your wits against mine**, and attempt to name the title of the song AND for extra points, the musical from which it comes.

Together, we will thrive in this mid-winter madness!

Friends! Let the game begin!!!

10 points to the first person to name the song from which this title was pulled. Five bonus points for naming the movie.

P.S. We're good. Valentines Day was fun, as was the day before, as was the day after. I gave Eric The Dark Knight on DVD, and Eric gave me a mini-Zen Garden with sand and rocks and one of those little wooden rakes. Our adopted neighborhood grandparents watched Her Little Highness, so we were free to go to Coraline at the movie theatre. It was a little more scary than I expected, given the fact that it's an animated/stop action movie, but I enjoyed it, as did Eric.

*Posts that center on the Proclamation on the Family don't count.
**Only your wits allowed. No using Google. You're on your honor.
***The game has actually officially already begun, and Amy Greenway is in the lead with 10 points for her correct answer to the question posted here.


Jeri said...

I'm first! I'm first!!!

it's "a spoon full of sugar" from Mary Poppins.

I have to get my points before things get too tricky

Charlotte said...

Oh-I'm thinkin' this is about as tricky as it's going to get. All that talk about "considerable" song-trivia-talent was basically just trash talk, designed to intimidate my competitors.

Congrats to you! You're in the lead!

Jeri said...

Wahoo! Here's a thought - let's end the game now so I can be the winner!

Or not.

Tasha said...

The challenge here is that I have those same genes, you know, the ones where I have to win (and I laughed very hard because I find ways to win at various things throughout the day unbeknownest to my pitiful opponents) and since you are making up your own rules as to how the points will be distributed, I declare that I get 13 points because your first and third posts with song titles were both sung and made famous by Julie Andrews (I liked her hair better in Mary Poppins).

Even if you don't honor my point creation system, in my head I have them :)

Charlotte said...


Julie Andrews made "Tomorrow" from Annie famous? When? I thought it was Aileen Quinn!

Answer me THAT, and we'll think about sending a few points your way----maybe.

Tasha said...

Hmm...counted wrong - but you did do a post called Whiskers on Kittens (I checked - in December) - that's the one I was thinking of. Sure it was before you made the decision to have the contest, but craziness should count for something, right?

Charlotte said...

Fair enough Tasha. I'll split the difference with you and give you 6 and a half points.

Making rules up as we go along---my favorite way to play.

Bamamoma said...

I know a whole 'nother way for us to beat the mid-winter blues ... COME TO 'BAMA! It worked last year, eh?

Eden so appreciates the Valentine from her BFF. Thank her, next time you see her.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

What a fun idea! I like it! I think I will try these fun games in the future!

I will check in to see what you've come up with.

Kami Anderson said...

Charlotte, you crack me up!! I don't know how you think of these things, but I love them.

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