Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We have a television in our bedroom.

I used to be vehemently anti-television-in-the-bedroom, but now I'm pro-television-in-the-bedroom, with an asterisk.

*The television can only be used for watching movies. It should not be hooked up to cable, or dish, or TiVo, or anything like that.

At this point, we subscribe to none of these services, so for us it's kind of moot.

This brings me to the Char & Ric conversation of the week. It's a little hard to follow, because there are quotes within quotes. It's also not quite as witty as some of the conversations that you may have come to expect here. Ah well. With that glowing recommendation, I'm sure you are all dying to read on, so I'll end the explanation and let you get to it.


SCENE: The living room. Charlotte is sitting on the couch, using the laptop. Eric is sitting at the desktop, working on school projects.

Charlotte: Hey, listen to this! This is from Melissa's blog. They got a flat screen TV and put it in their bedroom. Here, I'll read you what she says. (reads) "I always said I would never have a TV in the room. Jacob hooked me when he promised it would never be connected to the dish and was strictly for watching movies in the comfort of the bed so we didn't have to keep fighting for laying room on the couch. Jacob was on call last night so I decided to give the TV a dry run and watched pride and prejudice. It was amazing. I never want to go back to watching a movie on our old "blurry" TV on the uncomfortable couch. Ah, my husband is so wise!"

Eric is silent, knowing in his wisdom that Charlotte is almost surely not finished yet.

Charlotte: Now, do you want to hear the comment I left her? You'll like it.

Eric (knowing that there's only one right answer to this question): Uh-huh.

Charlotte (pleasantly): Good. (reads): "Eric and I had a similar situation. I was anti-tv in the bedroom, but when we got married, we found ourselves with an extra (as well as an extra DVD player). So, it's in the bedroom, but not hooked up to cable or anything. We hardly ever watch it, but sometimes it is nice to just lie there and watch a bit. I hate to admit it when Eric is right, but this time, he certainly was."

Eric (triumphantly): VICTORY!!!

Charlotte is silent, allowing Eric to savor his moment of superiority.

Eric (slightly more humble, but only slightly): Never ever argue with a man when it comes to television.


And with that, I wish you a Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading this to Jacob. We got a good laugh off of this.

Tasha said...

This is hilarious because Enoch and I have spent hours arguing with various people about why there should never be a TV in the bedroom and the one time we did have it because it was the only place in a small apartment that it would fit, we hated it the whole time and rejoiced when we moved and it was out again.

Jake said...

That Eric is a smart guy.

Laura said...

Oh...I can't believe you put this in writing...are you nuts?
(kidding- Eric)

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