Wednesday, February 18, 2009

but now and then he'll saaaaay . . . something wonderful (or if not wonderful, at least it will be rather amusing)


Scene: The Living Room/Dining Room. Charlotte is on the couch, wasting time on the laptop. Eric is on the Desktop computer doing homework.

Charlotte (with exasperation): Aagh! I cannot believe all the worthless stuff that's on the internet! I mean really, some of these women and their blogs! They drive me crazy!

Eric (mildly): What do you mean?

Charlotte: Well, here's a blog where some woman has just gone on for pages and pages listing every letter of the alphabet and for every letter, she's listed a bunch of boring facts about herself that start with that letter. I mean really! Who wants to read all that?*

Eric: Whose blog is it?

Charlotte (hesitantly): Well, I don't exactly know her. I just found the blog by clicking on the recommendations from my google reader.

Eric (with a little gleam in his eye): So, you don't know her, but you're reading her blog and you're bugged because it's not interesting to you?

Charlotte (somewhat defeatedly): Umm, yeah.

End Scene

* * *


Scene: Same scene-except this time Charlotte is on the desktop computer, and Eric is passing through to the kitchen to get himself an early lunch.

Charlotte (gleefully): Oh, I'm so excited! I just did a post on my blog challenging the world to a little game.

Eric: What kind of game?

Charlotte: Well, for the next little while, every time I post, I'm going to title the post using a song lyric. Then people have to guess where the song is from.

Eric (somewhat incredulously): Really?

Charlotte (with pride): Yup!

Eric (With sarcasm, but not the biting kind. More like good-natured sarcasm): Well, it's a good thing that you aren't filling up the internet with a bunch of worthless stuff, isn't it?

Charlotte (catching his reproof, but standing her ground): Absolutely. The stuff I post is completely critical.

End Scene

* * *


Scene: The master bedroom. Eric is in bed, reading a comic book. Charlotte enters and hops in bed.

Charlotte: Hey, you've got my pillow!

Eric (with confusion): Huh? Which one is your pillow?

Charlotte (motioning to a pillow under Eric's head): This one. You get three pillows, and I only get two. That's why I get this puffy one.

Eric sighs and hands the puffy pillow over to Charlotte. Then he pulls out his scriptures from the side of the bed.

Eric: Are you ready to read?

Charlotte (still basking in her pillow triumph): Yup.

Eric (getting down to business): Okay, I think we're going to finish this chapter today, right?

Charlotte (saucily): Well, if that's what you want to do. You are the Priesthood leader of our family after all.

Eric (authoritatively): In that case, I think we need to redistribute the pillows.

A fair amount of giggling ensues. Eventually the chapter is finished, but tellingly, the pillows are not re-distributed.

End Scene

Eric cracks me up.

10 points for the first person to name the musical from which the song comes.

No points for the title of the song (because that's too easy).

Five points for the name of the actor who IN THE MOVIE played the part of the "he" to whom the title refers.

Three points for every western that you can name that "he" starred in. (Remember-only your wits are allowed! No!)(I don't know westerns, so I'll be asking Eric for help with the verification on this).

*Note to the woman whose blog is discussed here: If you are reading this (and I can't imagine that you are, since we've never met, have no friends in common, and I've even forgotten who you are or how to find your blog again) I hope you aren't offended or hurt. I mean you no disrespect. I was in a particularly critical mood on the night that I said this to my Eric. I'm sure your blog is lovely, and if I took the time to really read it, I'd find that I would enjoy it thoroughly. Please don't stop blogging. If it makes you happy to write these posts, who really cares what some crabby pillow-obsessed lady in Northern Utah thinks of it anyway?


Jeri said...

I may be wrong - but I'm pretty sure it's the King and I...

Jeri said...

silly me - this will give you an idea of how truly CRITICAL this game is in the fighting February doldrums... I saw the title, hummed a few bars until I could visualize someone singing it, thought it looked like king and i, typed in my answer... THEN read the post.

In am effort to get another post, and assuming I am visualizing the correct move - I'm seeing Yule Brenner as the "wonderful" king of Siam.

Jeri said...

hello - typo city. think maybe I should proofread before I hit publish??? I meant to say "in AN effort to get more POINTS"... Yikes!

By the way - I love reading all the eric/charlotte conversations. That boy is a keeper! I used to swipe Tim's pillow all the time. he got me a fantastic one for Christmas, and now I guard it carefully and never even think about swiping his pillow anymore.

Charlotte said...

Jeri! You're AMAZING! 15 POINTS!

Oh, I'm feelin' those midwinter blues melt away by the minute.

(Pillow squirmishes were one of the surprising things to me about marriage. Who knew?)

Anonymous said...

I believe Yul Brener was one of the cowboys in the Magnificent Seven. I hope so, I need to get on the board :)

Charlotte said...

Nice job Melissa! You're on the board!

amy greenway said...

aaargh. Jeri beat me to it and is now winning the game. Grrrr. :)

Charlotte said...

Amy--I'll give you a point for typing the word "aargh". There aren't that many of us left who do.

(I am LOVING this rule-making business!)

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