Thursday, January 15, 2009

Silliness-this is just pure silliness

When I was young, my maternal grandparents used to visit us at least once a year, and often more (my paternal grandparents lived in our town, so their visits were more frequent, and perhaps not quite as big of a deal to me). My grandmother would always bring a selection of games for us to play. Someday perhaps I'll write about "The Smurf Game" and how it united all of my maternal cousins in a "playing-games-with-grandma bond". Today though, I have bigger fish to fry.

(Incidentally, that was an amazingly funny pun, but unfortunately, you won't completely understand why for a few more paragraphs).

Anyway, one of the games that my grandma would bring was this fishing game (Get it? Bigger fish to fry? I'm killin' me here!). You've probably seen it. A bunch of plastic fish rotate around in a circle, opening and closing their mouths, and the object of the game (aside from just to have fun) is to catch the most fish.

So, like the good grandmother that she is, my mother (who, I might add, already owns the aforementioned Smurf Game) got the fishing game for Christmas.

That brings us to our story, the story about a little boy who we will call Alexander Graham. (This is not his real name. I'm not going to print his name here, because he's not my kid, and I don't want to post his name on the world wide web without his or his parents' permission. Another reason I'm not using his real name is because I really like the name "Alexander Graham".)

The Story of Alexander Graham and the Amazing Fishing Game
-By Charlotte C. Cantwell

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Alexander Graham.
One day he went to his grandmother's house to play.

He played a really cool game with the other boys, and had a great time.

He had such a great time that he didn't even notice that he was the shortest boy of them all (by almost four feet).

Sometimes the other boys were better at the game than he was . . .

But sometimes, he was THE BEST OF ALL THE GAME!
Those times made him very happy!

After playing for awhile, all the other boys got bored of the game. That was okay with Alexander Graham. He got out his trusty screwdriver and made a few modifications.

Then (to his horror), a little girl wanted to come play. Alexander Graham let her play with him for a little while, but she was really too little, and kind of made a mess.

Alexander Graham decided that he didn't want to share anymore. This led to trouble, because the little girl (like most of the girls in her family) wasn't exactly the easy-going type.

Finally the little girl got bored of the game, and she went to play somewhere else. Alexander was happy to be able to play with the game, this time all by himself.

This picture has nothing to do with our story, but the author liked it so much that she had to put it in, even though she couldn't think of a way to make it part of the tale.



Jake said...

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that those kids look so different from the last time I saw them but I am.

Jeri said...

I love how Robert's tongue is revealing just how intently he is concentrating on those little fish. Chalk it up to the Corry competitiveness again!

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