Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Short & Sweet

(the following post is brought to you in a font size specifically influenced by Melissa C)

Me: Isn't it nice that Heather is so easy to soothe? I mean, she gets sad, but most of the time, all she needs is to be held and told that she's loved, and almost immediately, she's as good as new.

Eric: Yeah . . . she's kind of like her mother that way.

It wouldn't be as funny if it weren't absolutely true.

Happy Tuesday.


darla said...

Oh Charlotte, I've said this before...but I love that your blog is just as if you were telling me the story in person. You share so much and it helps me not to miss so many experiences. Eric is obviously one smart man, and your daughter is capturing all of the wonderful personality traits of her mother!

Amanda said...

that is totally sweet. Eric was a good pick, huh!

Bamamoma said...

irrevocably true! (I just really wanted to say "irrevocably")

Kami Anderson said...

What a great response. You sure got a good one!!

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