Monday, January 19, 2009

Being the Mommy ROCKS!

Today Eric's parents were out of town and couldn't watch Heather. Luckily, Eric doesn't have school, so he was able to tend Heather while I went to work. It's audit time, so I was grateful to be able to focus 100% on the job at hand, instead of having my attention divided by her little Highness.

When I got home, Eric was on the couch, Heather in his lap, watching television. I gave him the "How did it go?" look, and he gave me a look back that I couldn't read. I said, "Well, how did it go?" Eric said (with a much more easy-going manner than I would have, if our situations had been reversed), "She's been just awful for the last hour. I've tried everything. I've walked with her, read her stories, put her in the swing, tried to feed her, everything. I've even tried to do all the things that she likes you to do with her, but she doesn't go for it. I think she just started really missing you, because she started getting completely annoyed every time she looked up and saw my face instead of yours."

Now, I know that he might just be saying that.

But, I have to admit, I love hearing it.

(Incidentally, Heather's been a perfect angel since I got home. Nice.)

(Oh--and did you notice the picture? It prominently features my two favorite gifts from Eric--my Heather (well, our Heather) and my engagement ring. How fun! How cheesy!)


Laura said...

I love that pink little outfit.
I want to squeeze her.

michellejohnnie said...

He speaks the truth! Babies LOVE their mommies!!!

Carol said...

I can't believe how much she has grown! Her personality is certainly starting to shine through. I am so glad that she knows who Mommie is and is making Mom an important part of her life. Go Heather!

Carol said...

Oops - I just looked at my comment and realized Eric might be hurt! No offense Eric - it's a daughter/Mom thing. This will never interfere with Heather being Daddy's little girl. It's just cool how we can develop these little special relationships with our parents. There will come a day when Heather is 'Daddy's Girl' and Mom will be a little left out. You are both such great parents it is fun to see when these special relationships develop. Thanks for sharing!

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