Monday, January 26, 2009

Eric Quote of the Day

"Do you think Heather would like me more if I could River-Dance?"

(As you might guess, this was asked while Mr. C. provided Heather and I a sample of said dancing.)

No sweetie, I think Heather likes you fine just the way you are.


Kami Anderson said...

I love it! Next time could you get a video of his dancing?

amy greenway said...

Eric is quite the showman! I can vouch for that.

I was looking at the blog with Nate and he was asking about how old Heather was and what she can do. I told him that when we come next summer she'll probably almost be able to walk. He said "Yay! I can help her! I've gone through that experience." So let Heather know she'll have a wacky walking tutor next July.

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