Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eric is smarter than I give him credit for (and definitely smarter than I)

A little background is probably in order for this post.

Shortly after we were married, Eric told me about this new book that he had heard about (while eavesdropping at Borders). It was gaining quite a bit of popularity, had won an award from, and although it was primarily written for teen aged girls, it was interesting enough that it appealed to people of other ages as well. The only thing was, it was a book about vampires.

I, with my overactive imagination (and having had to sing myself to sleep for about a month when I was ten years old because I saw the play "Dracula" and wasn't quite sure whether or not vampires were real), was rather wary of said book, and it took some convincing (like about a month) before Eric convinced me to read it. (A book he has never read, I might add). I eventually read all four books in the series, and although I was disappointed in the last one, for reasons I won't go into here, I very much enjoyed them.

Okay. Now that you know all that, I give you the following two conversations:


Scene I: The car. Eric and Charlotte are heading over to Donna and Steve's house, where they will be leaving Heather while they (E&C) attend a temple session. On the way, they pass a movie theatre.

Charlotte (wistfully): You know, I still haven't seen Twilight. I wonder if I'll get to that before it leaves the theatre.

Eric (completely non-comittally)(is that a word?): Huh. Maybe.

Charlotte (not giving up): Well, you know, I'm sure most of my friends have seen it by now, since it's been out for awhile. I wonder if your mom has seen it yet . . .

Eric (realizing where this is going, and starting to line up his defense): Hmmm. . . I don't know. What about Donna? Surely she hasn't seen it. Who would she go with?

Charlotte (with a touch of surprise): Well, Donna does have other friends besides me you know. I'd be kind of shocked to find out that she hasn't seen it yet.

Eric (reflectively, and with a certain amount of resignation): Actually, even if her other friends didn't want to go to it, I could see her being able to talk Steve into going to it with her.

Charlotte (seeing the window of opportunity that she knew would come around if she just kept the conversation going long enough): Yeah, Steve's a good guy. What about you? If I wanted to see it before it goes to video, would you go with me?

Eric (not exactly reluctantly, but not exactly excited either): Well, I guess so.

Charlotte (graciously triumphant): Thanks! We'll see though, maybe I'll be able to work it out some other way.

Charlotte & Eric arrive at the home of Donna and Steve, and our scene ends.

* * *

Scene 2: The front landing of the home of Donna & Steve. Charlotte & Eric have finished the temple session, have collected Heather, who is quite pleased to have spent a glorious three hours with her favorite adopted Aunt & Uncle, and all three are in the process of leaving. Somehow, the conversation turns to that movie, Twilight.

Charlotte: Oh--(looking at Donna)--Have you seen it yet?

Donna: Yes.

Charlotte (with a touch of discouragement): Rats! I haven't seen it yet. What did you think about it?

Donna (good-naturedly)(is that a word?): It was okay. I'd see it again.


Eric (to Steve): Did you go with her?/Charlotte (to Donna): Really?

Steve: Yeah./Donna: Sure.

Eric (to Steve): What did you think?

Steve (with the authority of one who knows his vampires): It was okay, but not at all realistic.

Donna (smiling): Yeah, Steve kept pointing out the inconsistencies throughout the movie.

Eric (chuckling, seeing his own window of opportunity, while simultaneously being grateful beyond measure for the turn Steve has allowed this conversation to make. ): Oh yeah? Like what?

Steve (again with that aforementioned authority): Well, Vampires can't go out in the sun, they disintegrate. Also, they can't see their reflection in the mirror. They never go out during the day . . . (we will cut this response short here, but there were many other inconsistencies. etc. etc. etc.)

Eric (with suppressed excitement): Oh right--of course.

Charlotte (realizing that Eric would almost surely spend the vast majority of the movie analyzing it and/or making fun of it if she were to persuade him to see it with her, thus making it infinitely more entertaining for himself, and infinitely less enjoyable for her): So uh Donna, you'd really see it again?

Donna: With you? Sure.

Charlotte (with relief): Great! Maybe we can go when we get back from Christmas. Eric can watch Heather and we can have a girls' night.

Donna (warmly): Sounds great!

Eric is silent, but he and Steve exchange knowing glances. If Eric could do so inconspicuously, he would be rubbing his hands together, saying in his "sneaky voice", "My plan is working!"

(Okay-not really. Eric wouldn't rub his hands or say that, I'm not even 100% sure that he actually had a plan, and he and Steve did not exchange knowing glances as far as I know. You do have to admit though, all those details make the story better. So, as author of this blog, I am taking a bit of artistic license.)

And that my friends, is why Donna will be seeing Twilight for the second time, probably within the next week or two.

* * *

We had a good Christmas. We traveled in safety, spent some fun time with family, and enjoyed many different facets of the holiday. Of all my gifts, my favorite was a CD that Eric put together for me. He went through the trouble of thinking up 13 different songs that he thought I would like, downloaded them from, and then burned them onto a CD for me. I love it. Of all Eric's gifts, I think his favorite is one of the (three) books that I gave him. He basically told me that he wanted it, and where I could get it, so it was no big surprise to him when he opened it. That's okay though. I'm a big fan of surprises, but Eric doesn't really care either way.

As for Heather, she got a new sleeper (made by my expert mother), and a mobile which we haven't opened yet. She doesn't mind waiting though. She slept through most of the holiday anyway. All that sleeping included a NINE (yes, NINE) hour stretch on Christmas night (I can only attribute it to mom's magical sleeper). It was my own personal Christmas Miracle.

And I think that's enough for now.




Ryan + Angie said...

I just finished reading the first one and haven't seen the movie. Can I invite myself to join girls night with you?

Lisa said...

I have seen it, but I had read half way to finish. I would like to see it again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the series was enjoyable but the fourth book was disapointing.

All of the resident wives went to see it the night it came out but Jacob was on call so I think I will be waiting for Redbox. Ah Well.

Kami Anderson said...

I'm glad you had a fun Christmas. If Donna can't go with you to see the movie give me a call. I'd be willing to see it again.

Bamamoma said...

I tried reading the first one while Phil was in surgery last spring. I couldn't finish it. Clearly I'm a party pooper but I'm pretty sure I'd have joined Eric and Steve in their analysis...


Charlotte said...


Not in the least.

Jeri said...

hey - I want one of those magic sleepers! what I would give for 9 hours! I have NEVER had a child sleep that long. Tell your mom she needs to start a business with those... and sign me up for one.

tash8 said...

You should write your own book I just love how you write your blog. Have a great New Year.

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