Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Room for George

As I was lying in bed this morning, after having participated in the 4:30 a.m. Heather feeding, I got to thinking about this blog. Specifically, I got to thinking about the fact that I haven't done a "conversation post" in quite some time. I started thinking back over the different conversations Eric and I have had recently, trying to think of one that was blog-worthy, and I'm sorry to report that I came up empty. That's not to say that Eric and I no longer converse, because we do. We converse all the time, and I don't mind telling you that Eric and I are a team of comedic geniuses. Seriously, we crack ourselves up at least twice a week, and often even more. Unfortunately, I've learned that cracking ourselves up and cracking up the population at large are two different things, and I just can't bring myself to inflict our own brand of humor on you today. You're welcome.

I got our Christmas decorations up over the weekend. I've been feeling in the mood for a more simplified Christmas this year, and so I left about half of the goods in the storage tote(s). I also abandoned the giant bushy 7-foot artificial tree that breaks Eric's back to take out of the attic, and then takes an hour or so for me to get it out of the box and assembled, after which we both spend the month of December tripping over it because it's really much too big of a tree for our rapidly shrinking living room.

Instead I went for a skinny 6-foot model that I found for $20 at my local Wal-mart. It fits my favorite ornaments, and (as you see below) we still have room for the rocking chair, as well as our dear friend George, the 5-foot alligator.
And that's the news for today. I'll leave you with a picture of one of my favorite Christmas decorations (which is why it's out and not in the storage tote in the attic). My mother gave me this set a few years ago. I loved it then, and now that I have my own baby, I love it even more.

'Cause really, does anyone think that the Baby Jesus spent all that much time actually in the manger?

Not a chance.

Note to all you who basically check here for the Heather pictures and nothing more--stay tuned. I'll be posting some of the latest shots in a couple of days.

Actually-speaking of that, that was one of the big surprises to me. Before Heather was born, there were 7 people subscribed to this blog on Google Reader, and one follower (thanks, Amanda). Almost immediately after Heather was born, the Google Reader count shot up to 15, (and is now at 23), and the followers group has grown to five. Who know that adding a baby to our family would make us so much more interesting?


Kami Anderson said...

My favorite decoration by far is George. I have a skinny tree as well and it sure makes a difference and I think it is just as pretty. I would also like to point out that I was an avid reader of your blog before Heather was born. But I admit I do love the Heather updates.

layjent said...

The nativity depiction is great (although my first thought when I look at Joseph is him saying...the baby was right here, and it was about yay big). I have a similar nativity at home where Joseph and Mary are an interlocking piece with the baby Jesus in her arms.

And for the record I thought your blog was great before and after Heather :)

Jake said...

Thanks Jay, I'll never be able to look at that set the same way again.

Amanda said...

Love the tree. Simplicity is worth it, isn't it? Next Christmas you'll be wondering how to keep Heather from playing with the ornaments. All the special ones will be up top and any that won't break will be near the bottom.

And it is sad but true, your comment about babies making blogs more interesting. I get lots more hits on mine when I post about John than when I post about other stuff.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I LOVED this post. I really loved that nativity too. I need one like that! Long time no see, but It's good that you are happy and loving life.

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