Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three Cantwells

(since she's the one that really runs this family these days)

She sings! Well, she thinks she sings, and that's all that really matters to me. Last night, Heather and I were having a little after-nursing playtime, and I was marveling at her beautiful blue eyes. Incidentally, I hope, hope, hope, that those eyes stay just the way they are. My eyes are an odd green-on-the-outside-and-brown-on-the-inside combination, and Eric's eyes are a grayish blue color, but Heather's eyes are true blue, penetrating and a little on the dark side. There are very few things I enjoy more than looking into those eyes.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was looking and those beautiful eyes, and I started singing, "Blue Skies, smilin' at me, nothin' but blue skies, do I see" (except I sang Blue EYES--pretty witty of me, don't you think?). Eric, who was behind us doing homework on the computer joined in, and pretty soon, so did our Heather. It took me a bit to realize that she was singing with us, but whenever we would stop, so would she, and she was making sounds that were completely different from her usual cooing conversations. How fun is that?

(who gets the middle spot so I can end with myself--it is my blog after all)

Eric is in the joyful throes of Christmas shopping. I don't think I've ever known someone who gets more excited about Christmas and the gifts that he's going to give. It's been so very fun. In addition, Eric's been living on the computer. He has two major projects due right after Thanksgiving, and so he's been working on those. He still has hours and hours of work to do on them, and will be spending most of the holiday on that, which brings us to . . .

(our intrepid heroine)
I will be making two pies for our Thanksgiving feast, and then, Friday morning, I'll pack up Heather and far more of her belongings than will be necessary, and the two of us will head down to Southern Utah. Many of my family will be there, and with Eric chained to the computer, it seems like the perfect time for Heather's first visit down south. Don't think I'm not a little anxious about it though. It will be Heather's first time spending longer than 90 minutes in a car, and we're doing it without our Eric. It could be a long looooong drive.

And that's our life for the moment.
* * *
In honor of

I have the following:

Between Eric's gray morning light, and heather's penetrating steel, I'm grateful for

Blue Eyes, Smilin' at Me, Nothin but Blue Eyes, do I see . . .

Happy Tuesday to you all.

(For more Gratituesday entries, head over to Catholic Teacher Musings)


Laura said...

Very clever...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeri said...

If you need a nursing break near Provo... PICK ME PICK ME!!! (My house is a quick 6 minutes off the freeway...)

Of course, knowing murphy's law, she will be sleeping sweetly as you pass through Provo, and will wake up STARVING by the time you hit Spanish Fork!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Kami Anderson said...

She is amazing! Singing already? Wow! Maybe she'll surprise you and be as good as can be on the trip down.

Charlotte said...


Provo just might end up being the perfect nursing spot, and I would LOVE to stop by if Her Highness is amenable. Will you e-mail me directions to your house (AGAIN!)?

Darla said...

I love it when babies "talk" - they are very smart you know, and I'm not surprised that she wants to sing like her mother! Hey, if do you end up in Provo, give me a call. Would love to see you both!

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