Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I love about Eric-Actual Birthday Edition

Because today is the actual birthday, I threw in a few extra:

#276. Eric and I went for a walk last night. We ended up at Macey's and we bought a few groceries there. As we walked home, Eric carried the heavy ones and left the light ones for me.

Just like always.
-May 25, 2007

#275 (& #'s 239 and 244). I love Eric's twinkly eyes.
-May 24, 2007

80. Eric lives his life with passion.
-January 25, 2007

#65-Eric is more than willing to help in the kitchen and anywhere else.
-January 15, 2007

#626-It is a joy to watch Eric play with Heather
-October 7, 2008


#229-Being married to Eric is a little slice of heaven.
-April 18, 2007 (three days after our wedding)(a year and seven months later, I still feel exactly the same way.)

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