Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not too Fancy

So, here's the background: About two months before Heather was born, I was in a baby store, looking at blessing gowns. I realized that Heather didn't have a blessing gown, and that I didn't want to pay a whole bunch of money for a dress that Heather would (probably) be wearing once in her life. So, I called my mom, the master seamstress. Here's the gist of our conversation:

Me: Hey mom, how's it going?

Mom: Good. How about for you?

Me: Pretty good.

Much of the conversation is deleted at this point. Who knows what we talked about? It was nearly four months ago, and I can't remember.

Me: Hey mom, I was wondering if you would do me a favor.

Mom: Sure, what is it?

Me: Will you sew a blessing dress for my baby?

Mom (a little hesitantly) Well, yes, but only if it doesn't have to be too fancy.

Me (bracingly): No, just something white and nice-ish for her to wear for her blessing, it doesn't have to be all that fancy at all.

Mom: Well then, yes, I think I'd like to do that very much.

Me: Great! Thanks so much!

More chit-chatting that we will skip. The conversation ends.

* * *
With that in mind, I now give you our precious Heather in her "not too fancy" blessing dress:

Kinda makes you wonder what the fancy one would have looked like, huh?

All is well with us. As you can probably guess, today was Heather's blessing day. What a special day in a young girl's life. Heck, what a special day in a thirty-seven-and-a-half-year-old girl's life. It was lovely. Just absolutely lovely.

And now, I'm going to feed my baby and see if I can manage to take a nap. Tomorrow I leave Heather with her grandparents for six or seven full hours.* That could conceivably be traumatic (for me, Heather will be fine), but I think I got all my trauma out on my first day back to work last week. It helps that Eric's parents are such capable, loving, quality people.

Again, I'm a lucky lucky girl with a lucky lucky daughter. (Eric's pretty lucky as well, come to think of it)

Have a glorious week,

*But let's be honest, we all know that I'm going to run out there on my lunch hour right? I mean, like I could stay away!


Harmony said...

She's a doll, and the dress is gorgeous! Definitely a lucky little girl...

Laura said...

That dress is lovely; how humble your mother must be.
Oh I wish I could sew.
Heather looks beautiful.

Jeri said...

WOW! That is amazing! I was thinking the whole "what would the fancy dress be like?" way before you said it.

Good luck going back to work. Hope it isn't too traumatic...

Kami Anderson said...

What a beautiful dress. I'm sure it was a very special day for all of you.

michellejohnnie said...

Your mom has some sweet sewing skills! BEAUtiful dress and daughter!

Nellie and Jason said...

Happy Blessing day Heather!!

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