Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Remember the post I did last Easter? The one where I talked about how my family (especially my brothers) are so competitive? The one where I referred you to my brother's blog so that you could read about the eggstravaganza?

Well, here's the deal. My parents as well as two of my brothers (and their families) made the trek up to Logan to attend Heather's blessing. They arrived Saturday afternoon, and so we decided to head out and find some recreation. There's a really fun park out here that basically celebrates the old west and all that was in it. They were having a kind of fall festival, complete with corn maze, hay loft, skeet shooting, and some other things. And, as you see below, there was also plenty of roping opportunities.

Keep in mind, we are not a cowboy family. I bet we can count on two hands the number of times any of us have been on a horse for longer than 10 minutes. But anyway, here are my brothers. Robert is on the left, and Mark is on the right.

They each spent about 5 minutes trying to rope the hay bale bull that was provided . . .

And when that wasn't fun anymore,

They started trying to rope each other.

And when that wasn't fun anymore . . .

They turned their skills on their big sister. (The video is only 38 seconds long, so don't be afraid to watch it)

Good Times.

Unsurprisingly, Heather (happily) slept through the whole thing.

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Kami Anderson said...

You have to love brothers. It looks like you had a great time with them.

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