Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog reading for the following IMPORTANT MESSAGE

So, remember our dear friends Heidi and Phil?

If not, you can go here, here, here, and here.

And once you've gone all those places, you'll know that while both Heidi and Phil are great singers, Phil is actually in an a cappella group that sings professionally. Someday I might do a post on just how much I enjoy the concerts that I attend that are put on by these guys. They are good singers, but even better, they are sooo funny. Especially if you like quirky cheesy funny, which I do. Especially Especially if you don't mind hearing the same jokes a few times because you have a bad memory and they seem new to you most of the time, which I also do.

Anyway, the group Phil is in (which is called Voice Male, by the way), has just released a great new CD, of primarily kids songs. More information can be found on Heidi's blog, here .

And once you've gone to the link on Heidi's blog, you may feel scammed, because you might think that I did this whole post just to have a better chance to win a copy of this CD for myself, (but mainly for my kids-Eric & Heather), and you'd be partially right. But, you wouldn't be totally right, because another reason I did it is because the more copies of this CD that Voice Male is able to sell, the more likely it is that Heidi and Phil will have more funds, and the more often they will be able to fly out to Utah to see family and friends (that's me).

And then, I also did it because I've heard some of the tracks on this CD, and if it's not quirky enough to be promoted here at just a little bit of quirky-ness, I don't know what is.

And there you have it. If you haven't been over to visit here for a few days, keep reading. This is a two-post day. Read on for a thrilling in-depth treatment of "tummy time", or "the further adventures of a couple of new parents just trying to figure out how to raise their little girl".



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Tasha said...

I have been waiting for this to be released - I love getting music like this for my kids to listen to because they think it is fun and it isn't so childish that I lose the few precious strands of sanity I have while driving all over town with my kids in my car.

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