Friday, October 24, 2008

An Update

In case you were wondering how things have turned out . . .

I'm SO glad that about two months ago I got bloggers block. Because of that malady, I started thinking about some things I wanted to do with my (then unborn) baby, and I decided on some songs I wanted to sing to her (you can read that post here). The thing is, invariably, when I want to sing a song to Heather to distract her from the fact that I'm changing her diaper (which she hates), or putting a shirt or a onesie over her head (which she hates), or am unable to rush over and feed her at the exact moment that she decides she's hungry (which nearly drives her insane), my mind goes completely blank, and I can't think of what to sing.

However, when I put her to bed at night, if both of us are up to it, then I go through the four quiet songs that I thought of back in August. Sometimes it works like a charm. Other times, not so much, but that's okay. I still enjoy the singing. I don't have the English words to Suo Gan memorized (and I haven't even attempted to sing the Welsh yet), so when it comes to that one, I hum through it once, and then grab my handy cheat sheet and sing through the English words of one verse, then hum through it again. I think that one is her favorite. It could be my favorite as well. At least on some days it is.

* * *

For those of you who were looking forward to our after-Halloween post, I'm sorry to report that we do not have a Chewbacca costume for Heather's first Halloween. After thinking it through (with no input or guidance from me, I might add), Eric determined that he would have more fun with a little baby Chewbacca next year, when Heather will be a bit more alert, and more prone to be interested in trick-or-treating than she currently is. So, on Friday Heather will be sporting a bright orange sleeper, with an orange pumpkin hat. That is, until she cries loud enough that I break down and take the hat off. Heather's not so much of a hat person I'm afraid. I wonder if that will change in time. Church is about the only place you see Eric without some kind of a cap on, and, as I've mentioned before, being able to wear a hat in the wintertime often feels like a lifeline to me.
* * *

What about this post? Anyone wondering how the whole diaper changing thing is going? Are Eric and I taking turns? Not really. We've found that neither of us really has a problem with diaper changes (at this point at least), so we pretty much just share that responsibility as it comes. Isn't it nice when it works out that way? Tune in when we introduce Heather to solid foods. I have a feeling we both might feel a little differently about the whole diaper change issue at that point. I'm pretty sure I will, at the very least.

* * *

And finally, remember when I took y'all on a virtual tour of our nursery? Remember how there wasn't anything on the wall over by the crib? That was because I was nervous to put something over there. I didn't want to run the risk of having something accidentally fall off the wall one night and landing on my Heather. I didn't mention this to anyone, but I remember wishing that I was a quilter (I'm SOOOO not a quilter), and that I could quilt a cute wall hanging or something soft that I could hang there. Something that wouldn't be very heavy, and wouldn't cause me heartburn to have hanging over my little preciousness.

Well, without even knowing my thoughts, Melissa came to my rescue! On the day we came home from the hospital, I found to my joy that a package had arrived from Indiana for us. What was in it you ask? Only the cutest quilt I have probably ever seen. Here's a (blurry, low quality, not centered, doesn't-do-it-justice) shot that I took the other day.

Thanks Melissa!

And there you have it. The rest of the story on four fronts. As for current events, things are going well for us. This past week has been kind of a tough one, between a few Heather adjustments, some anxiety I've had over returning to work next week, and some other events that are too personal to be shared here (but don't worry, everything is fine). However, there were definite high points to the week as well. On Wednesday I was able to spend the day in Salt Lake with my parents and other family members, and yesterday Heather and I had a near perfect day. Naps were had by both, and good moods and smiles prevailed. Don't you just love days like that?


Jake said...

You just made Melissa's month.

michellejohnnie said...

Beautiful quilt!!! i hope going back to work well for you (and I hope it is not full time). With Cadence, I went back to work 2 hours a day and it was awesome!!! Seriously! I got up and going and felt productive and still felt like a stay=at=home mom. I hope that you get an opportunity like that.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the quilt worked in the nursery. The pink and brown really does go well with that nice yellow. And yes, Jacob is right, this really did make my month to know it is just what you were hoping for :) Lots of Love

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