Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Question I want to ask on Resurrection Morning

So, you know that movie, Remember Me? You know, the one where Minnie Driver gets a heart transplant, and then falls in love with that cute guy from The X-files, and then she finds out that the heart that she has actually came from his dead wife, and then she's so upset that she runs straight to the house of her best friend Bonnie Hunt, and as she is sobbing the story out to her, she says,

"What was God thinking?!"

Yeah, lately I've been asking myself the same question. I hope you won't consider me to be irreverent or blasphemous, but lately I've just been wondering . . .

Who thought it would be a good idea to have a mother and a father take full responsibility for another human being, one who is largely unable to communicate, difficult to understand, needs to eat at least every three hours, frequently cries for no apparent reason, and is generally a great big (wonderful but often hard) adjustment; at exactly the same time that the mother is on what could possibly be described as the biggest hormone roller coaster of her life so far?

Who thought that would be a good idea?

And, more importantly,


Truly, I hope you won't find me irreverent. I'm just trying to take the advice that Elder Wirthlin gave during General Conference, and laugh at those things that seem particularly trying at the moment. We're all on a pretty even keel today, and we were all doing pretty well Saturday and Sunday until about 5:00 p.m. Let's not discuss the 24 hours between Sunday at 6:00 p.m. and Monday at 6:00 p.m. just now, okay?


Darla said...

Oh Charlotte...I promise that you will make it through this. Just think, you could be having other problems, and after careful consideration, I think you'd vote to keep your own. Little Heather will continue to drive you crazy, but your laughter is the best remedy. Remember, we used to say, Don't Shake the Baby!

Bamamoma said...

Cutest, saddest picture! You'll survive and (perhaps even more surprising to you) Heather will survive.

I totally agree with your question though. The timing of things often indicates a good sense of humor by Heavenly Father. You are smart to realize that and laugh, laugh, laugh (with a few intermittent sobs in between).

Tasha said...

Congratulations! You are now in the mom boat with the rest of us. I promise you are still an awesome mom if when Eric comes home from work, you hand him the baby and go get a diet coke (fill in beverage of choice here) and a candy bar (as much chocolate as necessary) from whatever store and it takes you two hours.

Don't think you are at all blasphemous - just a new mom, which, of course, translates to slightly blithering idiot, as my mom used to say, but on the plus side, you get to use this excuse in your life for EVERYTHING you forget for a good 5-6 months.

Jeri said...

I agree - someone has a crazy sense of humor (if you can even call it that). there is nothing worse than that feeling of despair and frustration when you have tried everything you can think of, you are totally exhausted, and yet the baby KEEPS CRYING! (that's why children needs a loving mother AND father - so we can take turns on those bad days.
I remember one particular night when Aaron was a baby. Tim was gone on a business trip for the week, and there was one night when I couldn't take anymore. I put Aaron in his crib (still crying) and I closed his door, went into my room and closed my door, put a pillow over my head - and just CRIED!!! I didn't feel like I could call anyone to help since it was 2 in the morning. (my neighbor friend later told me to call her any time - day or night when that is happening, but I haven't had any experiences that severe since then, so I'm guessing that part of it was MY learning curve too - Needless to say - we both lived to tell about it, so it's all good.

Jeri said...

PS - Heather has beautiful long piano player fingers - lucky girl!

Jake said...

This could be the most truthful post on the internet. No mention of the wonderful future that awaits. You didn't even talk about the growth that you are getting. This is great reading right here.

With our three I'm sure I took some turns, but in all reality I only remember two of those nights specifically and you've probably heard about them because I'm so proud of them.

As long as we're being blasphemous I'd like to say that I'm glad Adam didn't eat the apple.

Kami Anderson said...

O Charlotte. Is there anything I can do to help??

Charlotte said...


A big thank you to those of you who have called, sent e-mails, and left concerend comments. We're all doing much better now. Yesterday was a GREAT day, and today is looking good as well.

It seems that it all pretty much has to do with how much sleep Heather lets us have the night before. Sunday night wasn't so good (which is what prompted this post), Monday and Tuesday night both were really quite endurable. Yesterday I actually felt about as close to normal as I've felt in months.

I'm a bit more tired today (but only a bit-nothing serious), but Heather seems to be on a "I want to sleep all day" kick, so I'm going to feed her and then go upstairs for a little nap myself.

I'm keeping a list (are you surprised?) of all the people who have offered to help in any way, and I'm not the least bit afraid to use it. So, if you've offered, rest assured, you have been and continue to be officially "on call", should Eric and I both fall apart at the same time (which so far hasn't happened).


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Babies are just lucky they're so cute (and that their parents think that they are the cutest baby in the world) or they'd be in a lot of trouble fending for themselves in this cruel, cruel, world.

I am always amazed at how quickly I forgive Daphne for being a little snot (usually unintentionally). She doesn't even have to ask for it. If made me that mad it would take a heck of a lot longer to cool off and move on!

Jared said...


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