Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For Heather's grandparents, far-away aunts (& uncles & cousins), and Kami

Please enjoy (or tolerate) the following collection of random Heather photos:

Heather, like her father, can sleep in pretty much any position.

Remember how it used to be my worst nightmare that I'd grow up and have a double chin? She takes after me there, huh?

Eric calls poses like this one Heather's attempt to flash her "gang signs"

One of my favorites. What an expression!

I call the following collection
"Girl in a Yellow Dress"
(Thanks Aunt Donna! (Dorothea))



Such a pretty little girl! Looks like you guys are havin fun!

Jeri said...

so so fun!

Kami Anderson said...

Thank you! She is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

Bamamoma said...

So cute. It was so much fun spending some time with you guys. Thanks.

How'd things go today???

Charlotte said...


Heather did very well at the opera in the morning. She sat in her bouncy chair and alternated between watching me work and napping. Reports are that she did well at Grandma's as well.

Her mother (on the other hand) cried her eyes out while driving back to the office after having left her at grandma's, and had to go through the drive through at Charlie's to get a sorrow-drowning chocolate malt.

On the bright side, it's begun. The dreaded first day back is over, and overall, it went quite well.

Onward and upward! said...

You have one cute baby. The yellow dress is absolutely darling.
The picture with unique expression is my favorite.


Laura said...

Darling pictures.
She looks like she has some pretty long legs...yes?

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