Friday, September 12, 2008


Last night I had my first baby dream that was unequivocally happy. As you may have noticed from reading other baby posts here, at times I've been a little intimidated and nervous about this whole pending parenthood thing. Occasionally that nervousness has spilled over into my dreams and they've been a little (but not a lot) unsettling. This time was different.

Eric and I were in the hospital, and I'd delivered the baby. I wasn't in pain at all. I remember thinking that that part was kind of weird, but I sure was grateful.

We didn't have the baby with us though. I knew that I'd given birth earlier that morning, but for some reason they hadn't brought us the baby yet, even though it was nearly 6:00 p.m.

All of a sudden, I realized that I had forgotten to call one of my friends, a friend that I had promised that I would call as soon as our baby was born. That was the scariest part of the dream. I made the call, and everything was okay again.

I asked the nurse to bring us the baby, and she did. There was a whole room full of people there--my mom and Eric and me and a random aunt and uncle (??? I have no idea why they were there), as well as two neighborhood kids (again-I have no idea why they were there). We were all sitting on this really long couch and they brought our baby in.

She was beautiful. She was also huge. She looked like she was maybe two months old, even though I knew she was only a day old. She had dark brown hair, and we were all so happy to see her. She smiled at us all. I got to hold her before anyone else, and it was so very precious. Waaaaaaay more precious than any baby-holding I'd ever done at any other point in my life.

Then I woke up.


(After I went back to sleep I dreamed that I was following Jason Bourne around. We encountered numerous scary and life-threatening situations as he tried to piece together the missing aspects of his life. It was significantly more stressful than the baby dream. )(I've spent the last week watching The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum on DVD-just in case you are wondering.)


Rebbie Becky said...

Aww cute!! That picture looked like the real thing!! I better be that one person you were going to call.....remember i'm only a bus ride away from seeing you guys!!!

Bamamoma said...

How nice! Not long at all and it will be reality except that reality is even better (because it is REAL).

Laura said...

That is very sweet. I left you a little something.

melissa c said...

I had to laugh at this! The Jason Bourne part I mean.

The baby part was wonderful. Isn't it weird the way our dream seem so real at the time yet when we wake up, they are so nutty.

Hope the real thing is pain free too!

Harmony said...

Just noticed a couple things in your side bar, besides the great quotes. I've used homemade diaper wipes, not exclusively, but a lot. Store-bought ones are much easier to transport in the diaper bag, but homemade are great at home--bigger and more effective. Haven't done a lot of homemade baby food--it's probably less expensive, but a lot more time-consuming. You may soon find that convenience is worth the price. (Same principle goes for epidurals and disposable diapers. :-) As for the Miserly Mothers, my experience is that most "money-saving tips" that get published in books and magazines are things that I've already been doing for years. I think it's a product of the culture I was raised in. If you find any great ideas that work though, please pass them on!

Good luck with your delivery and your little one these next few days. Looking forward to pics, etc!

Nellie and Jason said...

Haha, I just watched some Jason Bourne last week! Sometime I'll have to tell you some of my insane pregnancy dreams...some were quite horrific. Maybe after you have the baby...There were some awesome ones too, but I was "blessed" with mostly scary freaky ones.

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