Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heather's first bath



We don't have any "during" shots, because she hated the whole experience. So, we had our hands full.

As far as an update, my mom is here helping out, which is making the middle-of-the-night adventures so much more endurable than they otherwise might be. I'm recovering pretty well, and Eric and I are loving the opportunity to get to know our little Heather.

While I was pregnant, I spoke with lots of mothers, seeking their counsel, and (more importantly) their comfort. They all said basically the same thing (in various words). They said that being a mom was hard work, but that having a baby would change my life forever, and give me a whole new definition of joy, one that really can't be explained or defined. I believed them of course, but it was hard to grasp what they were really saying.

I think I have a pretty good idea now.

I never knew it would be this good.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part about bath time is lubbing them up with the baby lotion afterward. I love the smell of that stuff :)

Amanda said...

You know, we didn't even give John a real bath until he was over 8 weeks old. We just did washcloth baths. Why? Because his umbilical cord didn't fall off for 8 weeks. Yes, you read that right.

Anyway - about the battle of the wills... he is almost 18 months. So that is when it started with John. However, I will say this: I think our parenting skills match the age of our children - right now I am an 18 month old parent. It comes one day at a time.

Bamamoma said...

well said Amanda.

I have to say, because it must be said, that Heather is more beautiful in every picture I see.

I also failed to mention how good YOU look. Cliche as it may be, you have the "new mother glow" about you. I never saw it in myself (although everyone claimed it was there) and so I just want to make it very clear that you got it baby!

Kami Anderson said...

I agree about the baby lotion. I think the best smell in the world is that of a baby after their bath when they've been slathered with baby lotion. I'm so jealous of you right now!! Enjoy every moment.

Nellie said...

Oh my gosh, Charlotte, she's a doll! Can't wait for her first visit to the office!
And don't worry, Makayla's first bath was a complete nightmare/disaster!! We had NO clue what we were doing, and she was very unhappy with us. Haha. It gets better. Bath time is a fun time now!

Teresa said...


Heather is just adorable. I hope all goes well and you enjoy each moment.

Tasha said...

She is an adorable baby and the lucky to have such great parents and a very proud grandpa (saw your dad at the high school today - that sure was a big smile on his face talking about Heather) :)

melissa c said...

It's surprisingly wonderful isn't it? She is so beautiful and I love the name Heather. Enjoy this time to the fullest. It ends too quickly.

Jeff Corry said...

My favorite part about bath time is that Dallin sits in the tub playing until he is a prune allowing Jenna and I to indulge ourselves in selfish interests!
No...don't wait, that's actually mostly true. Darn.
Heather is really cute, and I bet you guys, as tired as you may be, are very happy! It does go too fast some days.

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