Thursday, September 11, 2008

and you thought I was done with birthday poetry

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kami, Happy Birthday to you.

(This does not count as a birthday poem.)

I met Kami several years ago, when she was assigned to be my visiting teacher. She and another girl would come to my house every month and we would have a nice little chat. Usually along with the chat, one of the two of them would share with me some kind of spiritual or inspirational message, and that was great. What I appreciated most though was the genuine friendship that we developed.

I've heard some critical remarks from time to time about the visiting teaching program in the church. Generally the remarks center around the idea that visiting teaching is in effect taking people and "assigning" them to be friends with each other, and how that is presumptuous and never really works anyway.

I won't go into all the reasons why I disagree with this statement, but I will say this: I have many dear dear friends in my circle now that I met and became close to during the times that we spent in each others homes visiting teaching each other. Kami is one of the best examples of this that I have.

I think she's the greatest.

So, with that, here is Kami's birthday poem.

(I know I said I wasn't going to do any more birthday poetry. What can I say? I changed my mind. That happens sometimes.)

Ode to Kami

-by Charlotte C. Cantwell

She has brown hair and sparkly eyes,

And a smile that can light up the skies.

Fiercely loyal to family and friend,

She's one you'd want with you to the end.

She rarely complains, but often smiles,

Although she's certainly had her share of trials (especially in the past 1-2 years)

She knows how to have a good time,

And I'm grateful to count her as a friend of mine.

So Kami, though you deserve much more,

I send you wishes for birthday presents galore!

And my hopli-est hope just for you,

is that this year all your fondest dreams might come true.

(The formatting is a little funky on this post. Sorry about that. I don't know why it's happening, and I don't know html well enough to fix it.)


Kami Anderson said...

You are so awesome Charlotte! Thanks so much for remembering my on my birthday!

Paula said...

Charlotte, I am Kami's mom and I love your birthday poem and kind things you said about her. I, of course, think she is amazing and it is so special to hear you do too. Good luck with the birth of your new baby! Thank you for being a good friend to Kami. I know that she really treasures your friendship.

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